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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Bug update...

Really?!? Yeah, I figure everyone is sitting on the edge of their seat wondering about my bug situation. After all, it's what I mostly think about, lol.

Well, anyway, I actually found a genuine bedbug crawling on my shirt at 4:30 a.m. yesterday morning. Now we know it's not just my imagination! I talked to my building manager and gave her a little piece of paper with the bug taped to it. Evidence. She's taking swift action and sometime in the next few days the exterminator will arrive on the scene. Unfortunately, a few of my neighbors will have to endure the same treatment just in case this thing has spread.

I know I'll have to give all of my clothing a heat treatment in the dryer, but I'm not sure what else I'll need to do. It will be some work, but worth it if it does the trick. I'm concerned about things like grandchildren's toys and books. Will they have bad stuff on them after the fumigation? Hopefully, I'll find out soon.

I haven't been up to a lot art-wise. All of those itchy spots and my apparent allergy to bedbug bites have zapped my creative energy. One article I read online said that bedbug bites can cause some people to have symptoms similar to PTSD. I really did have a few days that I felt that bad. I'm glad to report that that part is behind me. I am feeling a little better and did some painting yesterday. It also makes me feel better just knowing someone is doing something about it!

Other than my drama, Audrey has been having some excitement in her little life! My daughter, Micah, has been homeschooling Audrey for the last couple of months, but last week Audrey declared that she didn't want to be home schooled. She wanted to go to REAL SCHOOL. Mother and child have been butting heads about this for quite some time, so Mom and Dad decided to let her try it. I'm so glad she got a teacher who believes in keeping things relaxed and fun. (Mr. Durham is a fishing guide during the summer!) She's having a blast and it takes a lot of pressure off of Micah, who is the first to admit that she isn't a natural as a teacher, lol. This is a small school and Micah and hubby Adam know all the teachers and lots of the parents. Audrey's cousin, Cali, is in the same class and there's also a little boy she knows from AWANA. I'm sure she has tons of friends by now. Audrey is so outgoing and curious. It would be hard to meet all her needs in home school, especially when Micah has three other little ones to wrangle. You really have to be called to home schooling for it to work. It's an extreme sport!

Audrey on the left and Cali on the right in both pics...

 Della enjoying a breakfast smoothie...
 Sully, just home from trick-or-treating...
 And Hazel, who misses her sister when she's at school. Awww... But I think she'll like school, too. Next year!
Just checking in. Hope you're all well! God bless and shalom, troops! :)


  1. The complex that my son manages has to deal with bedbugs from time to time. What they do is put the people involved in a hotel for a day or however long it takes. Then the temperature in the affected suite is raised to a very high degree and kept there for maybe 8 ?? hours after which all bedbugs are supposed to be dead. Then a dog is brought in that is specifically trained to detect bedbugs to make sure they're all dead. My son actually had the dog brought here to make sure he hadn't accidentally brought any bugs home. Who'd think a dog could do something like that, huh? Hope your bites heal quickly and you get no new ones.

  2. Yikes! I hope the bedbug problem is solved! Yay for school!

  3. Bed-bugs: O my dear! I think of former times, when people had no possibilities against them, for example the prisoners in the second world war in Russia, who had to work extremely hard during the day - and at night they found no rest because of the bedbugs. A lot of young men died...

    Lovely children! They look so dear and intelligent! They will make their way with this premium support of parents, grandma Lisa and teachers and: Christ!

    Congratulation for your card-exhibition!

  4. Ugh! I am so sorry about the bugs. I've never had any experience with them but they sound like a horror movie to me. :-(

    I'm glad that your most recent post has you on the winning side of the battle now, and I hope those books and things aren't casualties!


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