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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Glorious weekend!

The main event yesterday was walking on the trail. I took a two mile walk, then made a trip to Walmart for some things, and then upon my return I decided to get my camera and return to the trail. As usual, I forgot to take my camera with me the first time, and since I had seen so many pretty flowers, I decided to go back and take some pictures. I only walked a mile the second time; just hitting the high points. I'd like to make a painting of the wild roses, so I tried to get some close-ups.
A lovely wild rose. This one would be a good model for my painting!

There were also lots of nice columbines.

Of course, poison ivy is always abundant. Leaves of three; let it be!

Looking down from the bike trail to the horse trail.
That way to the resort.

That country road parallels the trail for a few miles and you can see Lake Belletaine beyond it.

A shortcut to someone's lake home.

Purple vetch?
Well, that's a little proof that I actually took a walk!
Today was a full day. First was church. Our pastor left on a 3 week road trip (his vacation) right after church. He's traveling west to visit some national parks and he's traveling in his mini-van which he's converted into an RV! His wife didn't want to go. Too rustic for her, I think. So, he went solo. Sounds like fun to me!

After church I wandered around Nevis for our annual Nevis Bites 'n' Sites Day. There were lots of booths, rummage, crafts, fun activities for kids and adults. There was also live music from two stages. It lasted from noon-six, but I left before the end.

The high point of the Bites 'n' Sites was a community painting. They set up two easels and canvases, a selection of craft paints and brushes and told everyone to feel free to paint something. They had penciled in an outline of Minnesota, and we each added a little painting. You guessed it. I painted the loon. What else?
The lady in charge brought out that framed loon painting for me to use as a reference. I ended up just doing my own version. I was the first one to paint on the canvas, so I hogged the middle, lol.

The adult painting...

...and the kids' version.
 They were auctioned off and brought $30 each. The proceeds from all of the festival activities went to benefit the local food shelf. Oh, and I won a $20 certificate from the Iron Horse Bar and Grill! I think I'll pick up a box of chicken strips or something to share with Micah's crew.

This band of youngsters was fun to watch. I left when the older, more polished, performers took the stage.

 So, that was my weekend! Tomorrow morning is our monthly deli gal get-together and sometime later in the day I'm joining the other vacation Bible school volunteers to get things rolling. I think I'm going to need a planner from here on out! The pace of life is picking up, but that's a good thing!

Before I forget, this is a hoopoe I painted for one of my ATC friends. For you trivia buffs, the hoopoe is the national bird of Israel! :)

God bless you all! A little Bible reading and I'm off to bed.


  1. woohoo for church! what a blessing for you! and what a fun day! Whew, sounds busy! peaceful rest tonight!!

  2. Your weekend was a lot more interesting than mine.
    About the Hoopoe.... I watched a show on TV ( a mysterY) and it had some birdwatchers in it. They were trying to spot a hoopoe which I thought a hilarious name for a bird that must surely be a fictional bird. I now know it exists.

  3. After the day and after SUCH a beautiful day "a little bible-reading and then off to bed." - the best way of live, blessed Lisa!

  4. What a lovely walk you had, and I appreciated the pics of the wild roses and columbine. The prairie roses are in bloom here too. And my tame columbine are in bloom too. Your town celebration looked like fun and I'm so glad you painted the loon on the picture.

  5. Those roses... I LOVE them!

    You are having a lot of fun all at once! That painting fundraiser is a great idea and your loon in the middle is perfect.

  6. That sounds like a very fun day in Nevis!


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