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Friday, October 5, 2018

Encouragement from unexpected sources...

Mammogram day! I saw my doctor recently to seek advice and an exam because of what I perceived as some "changes". It's only been 2 years since my last mammo, and I've heard a lot of negative press about them, but I decided to get one because I couldn't think of a better option. Things went smoothly and I'll hear the results next week, probably. Of course, I managed to do a bit of worrying, but the Lord kept reminding me that He's taking care of me. (Whether I live or die I'm His!)

When I checked in on Facebook just now a daughter-in-law and a granddaughter-in-law had posted scriptures about not being anxious and trusting in God, knowing nothing about my appointment. Earlier, as I sat in the waiting room waiting for my turn I figured I had 30 minutes to read, so I opened up my copy of Three Cups of Tea, which I just started yesterday, and the first thing that met my eye was a quote at the beginning of the chapter.

Why ponder thus the future to foresee,
and jade thy brain to vain perplexity?
Cast off thy care, leave Allah's plans to him--
He formed them all without consulting thee.
-Omar Khayyam, The Rubaiyat-

Of course, Omar's Allah borrowed that idea from the God of Israel. But it served to remind me of Jesus's many reminders to cast our cares on Him. As it turned out, the patient before me had cancelled, so I was called in immediately and that was all I got to read...but it was enough!

I'm counting my blessings and expecting a good report. And now I'm off to read some blogs!


  1. Seems to me the message about not worrying about the results are pretty plain. I do hope all will be well and that you won't have to wait too long for confirmation that all is well.

  2. Oh good, Lisa. God be with you. I think we are in for lots of appointments and such as our good bodies grow older, but you're right. He's got this.

  3. The LORD can speak to us in such different ways. Here HE even spoke to you from a book of another religion.

    Should there anything be impossible for HIM?

    GOD bless you, dear sister, so far and so near. GOD is with you!

  4. In my 50's I started having moments of panic, thinking about the health problems that probably would lie ahead - there are so many parts of the "system" than can break down.

    Eventually I realized that whatever problems might be in the future, they would not likely happen instantaneously. One thing would hurt or need attention, I would attend to it, another thing would necessitate a visit to the doctor or a test... I would continue the way of life that I always have, and do the next thing, with prayer. That's what you are doing, too!!

    This week there have been so many Next Things, events and problems and breakages. They didn't all concern my health, but just getting through the obstacle course of Urgent Things seemed to tax my health, so I'm ready for a break.

    May you have just enough of these concerns and events to keep you receptive to words of grace from all quarters! XO

  5. Hi, Lisa. Mammo's are no fun. But I hope your report comes back clean. It's so difficult to put worry from our minds, and I'm not very successful at it! It does seem to me that our breasts (and other body parts) change so much after menopause. When I see changes and wonder, I remind myself of that.

  6. I think we are in for lots of appointments and such as our good bodies grow older, but you're right.


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