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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Played in my art room...

It was a good day! A great service at church, Subway, then a Sunday drive. The Sunday drive was rather sobering as we drove around the area 10 miles south of our town where a huge area was burned by wildfires. Many homes lost. The black, charred woods were a sad sight. They'll never be replaced in our lifetimes. But no lives were lost, which is a real blessing!

Once at home I spent a lot of time in my art room mostly organizing, looking through notebooks and sketchbooks and packing up some mail art for my ATC swap and my art buddy. Hopefully I'll make it to the post office before work tomorrow!

Here's a shot of my blurry ATC notebook. Ready to be filled with ATC's as I receive them!

Who watches from the bookshelves? ;)

I came across this page from my scripture journal which I had removed and stuck in a notebook. I placed it on the shelf as a reminder.
After playing in my art room I decided I'd better get in my 2 mile walk because it was clouding up. I almost got back home before it started sprinkling! I gathered some baby leaves and a crispy fall leaf so you could see how small the three sprigs of oak leaves in the middle are compared to a full sized leaf.
Later in the evening I finally watched The Hobbit! It was fantastic and I look forward to the next in the series. I had to watch on my computer because the DVD player didn't want to load it. It was actually better on the computer (with headphones) because our DVD player makes a lot of noise. I think Bob preferred to watch TV while I watched the movie anyway. (Not much of a movie buff...unless John Wayne is involved.)

Lastly, I posted this on Facebook. I need to work on my handwriting, but I love this scripture.

And now, 'tis very late, so I'll say goodnight...

...and shalom!

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  1. Hi Lisa! Your art is always fun to look at! I'm looking forward to receiving my Lisa art!
    Soon I can play at my art table. Tonight I have school record keeping to do. Boo.


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