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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sometimes I'm sure I must be God's favorite...

I often feel that way after an especially good library book sale. I can almost feel Him smiling as I gasp and exclaim over the wonderful books that seem to have been placed on the shelves just for me to find! :)

A cartoon character was once heard to say, "If everybody's special, then nobody's special!" He must not realize that God has found a way to make us all favorites, so don't feel badly! Hee, hee...

A day off and a library book sale; the best combination ever! So, wanna see my loot?

Lots of little activity/color books, childrens' magazines and great books! Some of these are for when the grandgirls are a little older, but I love stocking my shelves in advance. :)

I also found lots of little fairy tales.

Can you believe it? Tasha Tudor's Corgiville Fair!! And The Velveteen Rabbit!!
I often pick books because I like the illustrations. If I don't love them, I can't see past them to the story. Go figure...

Great stuff! The Old Tree has a big pop-up tree in it. It needs some repair, so I'd better brush up on my taping skills!

The grown up books. Quite a hodge-podge. Has anyone read The Little Book by Selden Edwards? The flap sounded interesting. I hope I don't find it a vulgar story when I start reading!

These looked really interesting.

The CPR book I'm going to give to my daughter so she can learn how to do infant CPR. Beatrix Potter and Hill Top! Yay! Building my BP collection. Anyone studying Ancient Egypt? Don't know why I grabbed the Tut-ankh-amun coloring book. Do grandmas automatically grab coloring books? If anyone wants it speak up! :) The Cathedral Stained Glass coloring book is pretty cool. The pages are transparencies and you can use markers, crayons or even watercolors to color them. Play time!
The Hills of Home is a non-fiction book about a woman's life in England. Looks great! The little book on the lower left was written by a lady from Michigan. A gal I used to correspond with knew her, so I found it fascinating that one of her books showed up here. It looks very self-published and unique with lots of wonderful artwork.
Some good books about art and artists.
And I bought this little group for hubby.


  1. Wow! What a score! Yes, I think you are a favorite! You are a favorite of mine, too!
    How did you carry them all home?


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