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Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Pause in Advent #2

Joining others in a Pause in Advent (link on sidebar).
This has been a slightly trying day, but I praise God that most of the trying part has been resolved!
As you can see from my candles, I haven't been doing a good job of candlelighting and reading this week. (Confession is good for the soul!)

Last Sunday I went to light my first candle and, would you believe it, I didn't have a single flammable item in the house with which to ignite it? I tried the electric stove element which resulted in a small paraffin explosion, then waited until I could get to Walmart and purchase a lighter. I will try to get back on track!

How do you like my Bible? Copyright 1978, and that's probably about when I bought it. I have other Bibles, but I seem to gravitate back to this one. The print is a good size and I like the NIV version. But it's beginning to really fall apart. I'll do some reading in this tonight.

I've also been reading "Facing East", as I mentioned before. I read it some years back, but I'm reading it more slowly this time and really enjoying her inside look at Orthodoxy. The author's husband is an Orthodox priest and their family had only converted to Orthodoxy three years before she wrote the book, so she's still learning. I love her writing style. Reminds me of a certain Pom Pom person I know...

My jaw dropped when I read this excerpt from the book. As I said, it's been several years since I read this book, but those of you who look at the grandchildren photos on my sidebar may know that I have a grandson named Nathan Aslan! I want to write and tell her! Hee hee!  I didn't remember this being in the book because Nathan hadn't been born yet when I read it the first time!

This was my lunch. It was so good! (Wish I'd photographed it in a prettier bowl...) It was Heart Healthy...until I added extra salt.

And this is what's left of my Charlie Brown Christmas tree! The poor little thing was so dried out, it was dropping needles like crazy. So, it now sits on the back deck. Oh well, the ornaments are still pretty!
The trying part of my day involved my car, which didn't want to start after two -30 days sitting in the driveway. My son-in-law, Adam, came and showed me how to hook it up to the charger and I watched impatiently and tried to start it a few times, but nothing. I called my son in Colorado and we thought I might have to have it towed into town if the battery was shot. I gave it one more try and it started! Relief! I still may take it in and have a block heater installed so this experience won't be repeated. It's kind of stressful trying to figure things out without my man around. He worked so hard to keep everything working! Who knows, maybe some year I'll move south...but not unless I can take daughter Micah and family with me! That will take lots of planning...but our brains are working on it!
A joyful Advent to all!


  1. Maybe you might move to Colorado someday, right? Yay!
    I starting reading Facing East TODAY! I like it very much. You are too kind to say her writing style is like mine. I LOVE the way she writes, so thank you, friend!
    I am sorry that your CB tree shed its needles so soon. I hauled the fake tree upstairs and decorated it, too. I contemplated getting a real one, but my trunk was too full of junk (Kelli's Christmas gifts because they are moving and don't want to lose track of the kids gifts).
    I'm sorry about your car. I'll pray that it holds strong.
    Take care of yourself, dearest. Good for you, having warm soup.

  2. That book sounds really interesting! Your soup looks really tasty! Any left? X


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