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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

We got snow...

I stood by the sliding glass door this morning debating whether or not to go to work. I had heard that we were going to get a LOT of snow, but then The Weather Channel was reporting only 1-2 inches. I decided to believe them and went to work. It's surprising what a difference winter weather makes when you don't have your reliable backup (Bob) who will spring into action to drive you to work or pick you up if the weather gets threatening! SO, I got to work without too much trouble, but about 1:00 we got reports of it snowing like crazy outside and my manager suggested I go home early since I have a longish drive. Then we got reports that Hwy 34 might be closed. My only road home! By the time I wrapped things up and got ready to go the word was that the roads were plowed and passable. Whew! I just wanted to get HOME and settle in for four days off! The roads were snowy, but passable until half a block from home when I have to drive up a steep hill. I couldn't make it. So I backed up and drove back through my little town to approach from the opposite direction. Success! My drive is kind of long and had 6 inches of snow on it (it was plowed when I left this morning), but I drove slowly and steadily and MADE IT! Thank you, Lord!

The menagerie was waiting for their supper. Yes, that is a chicken. She is the last of her kind left here and I made a little shelter for her. I wouldn't be surprised if the barn cats join her at night!

I found this little note that Bob had scribbled down. I laminated it for a bookmark. He's encouraging me even now!

Everyone stay warm!


  1. So happy you made it home safe without to much trouble. Isn't it amazing how much we depend on our loved ones even when they are gone? Much prayers for you sister, God heals.
    And the chicken eating with the cats oh my goodness how cute is that!! Even animals knows when one is all alone......

  2. That chicken is pretty! Art model? I'm glad you are home safe for four days. I love Bob's note!


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