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Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas cheer delivered this morning!

I got a phone call yesterday from Faith Force Seniors at my church. The nice lady on the phone said she had been to my house to deliver a package of Christmas goodies, but nobody was home. So we arranged for her to come by this morning. This is a sweet (pardon the pun) ministry, indeed!

Homemade cookies, popcorn, candy, tea and cocoa mix (at least I think that's what Snowman Soup Mix is)! I'll share some of these goodies with Audrey and Hazel whom I'm babysitting this afternoon!
It's snowing again! I hope my snowplow man's truck is in working order. (That's son-in-law Adam or his dad.)
I've taken this photo more than once over the years. See the little streetlight in the upper right corner? It always reminds me of the lamppost in "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe"!
I've been doing a lot of learning about insurance (health, car, life) lately and other paperwork that I now am responsible for. Feeling a little weary of that sort of thing, so I've decided to keep mixing in a little art time as I'm able. I'm working on three ATC swaps. One is sunflowers, so I'm inspired to make more like the one in my header! Another is birds, which I love to paint, and the last is Big Bad Bugs, which I may do in collage instead of drawing/painting. I haven't officially committed to any of them, and won't until I finish the cards. That takes the pressure off so if I don't get them completed in time I can always use the cards in another swap later. (They tend to repeat themselves.)
Well, I'm off to make breakfast and do some putzing before my babysitting assignment later on.
Blessings and shalom to all!

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  1. Hi sweet friend! What a nice goodie box for such a nice person! Yay! I hope you have a nice time babysitting. Bless you as you find your way through all the paperwork.
    I love your sunflowers and I love your bugs!


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