Pen and Ink...and maybe some paint

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Knitting, painting and visiting...

Yes, I said knitting! I finally decided to throw caution and perfectionism to the winds and just START to learn. I've been watching this series of videos...

and this gal makes it fairly easy to figure out. Here's what I've done so far.

I will probably unravel this bit and start something a little narrower. In the videos she just does small swatches to teach, but I want to MAKE SOMETHING. :) Impatient me. I think I'll just do a scarf, but I'm going to be very bold and try alternating knitting and purling. I'm enjoying this very much!

I've also done a little drawing and painting. I finished my second ATC for the Landscape swap.
I took my new/old washer for a test run and it seems to work fine. I'm still trying to flush out some dirt that has accumulated in the works from sitting idle. But it actually seems to work pretty well.

I visited at daughter Micah's house for a couple of hours and enjoyed watching Audrey and Hazel. They say and do so many outrageous things. It's good for the soul to be around little ones!

It's time to wind down and get ready for bed. Early morning tomorrow. I do have Thursday and Friday off, so it's like a weekend before my working weekend. We're getting some time shaved off our schedules because it's our slow time of year. I'll take it. It's the closest thing to a vacation I get! :)

I hope you're all getting some warmer weather as we are. Shalom and blessings on all of you!


  1. Huge applause for the knitting, Lisa! I like your drawing, too!

  2. I like the yarn you chose for your first knitting project.It will make a lovely scarf.

  3. Coldest morning yet this morning for us! I am very excited about your knitting- the colour of your wool matches your lovely picture! I can't wait to see what artistic knitting you will do!

  4. Congrats on learning to knit! Your stitches look pretty even to me.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  5. This is wonderful, Lisa! You are reminding me that I started knitting again before Christmas, just to get back into practice so I could *maybe* make some progress and make it part of my everyday life eventually. I had the knitting bag downstairs and handy, but I put it away when the kidlets were here, and forgot about it!

  6. So glad you are knitting!!! I think that now I do prefer knitting to crocheting. It's taken me quite a while to feel really comfortable with knitting, but for me it is easier on my hands. Not as much tension. DO make something! You could knit dish cloths too -- they are fast and VERY useful, if made with cotton yarn. If you use both knit and purl, and you decide to put all knit on one side and all purl on the other, the edges will curl up. In fact, the whole scarf will curl into a nice tube :) To prevent this, you'll need to do some alternate stitch on the edges, like a rib.


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