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Monday, January 5, 2015

Photo album progress...

This is yesterday's sunset behind the evergreens. I liked how the sun was cradled in the trees.
I finally got back to working on the kids photo albums yesterday. I had a little pile on top of each album and now they've been put in page protectors and inserted in albums. I've only scratched the surface, but it's a beginning.
A real scrapbooker would gasp in horror at my idea of a photo album. I'm really just trying to get the photos organized and somewhat protected. The kids can do something fancier later if they want to.
 I tried to give each of them a sampling of pictures from their youth so they would have pictures of brothers/sister to look at later and show their children.  (This is Micah at her first fair with her pony Frosty. I had a pony named Frosty when I was about 10. Mine was just a little taller.)
 I started off with ancient relatives and photos of Bob and myself as children and teens as well as grandparents.
 Here's a pile of taekwondo related photos I still have to sort through. I'm trying very hard to keep the photo albums down to a manageable size! There will still be a large plastic tote full of loose photos that they can dig through if they want more. Otherwise I will bequeath it to my daughter and she can figure out where to store it! :)

 This is my favorite way to enjoy photos of my kids.

 I also have pics of Bob when he was a little boy. That's how I like to remember him. Healthy and happy! I wonder how old we will be in heaven?
I hope your evening is a pleasant one!


  1. A gnome party! Oh, you are so good to go through all the photos!

  2. i used to be a scrapper but it was so time consuming!! my mom gave each of us (there are 7 "kids" in our family) a shoebox full of photos!! either way, it's good to go through pictures and sort them out.

  3. Gosh what age or stage will be be in Heaven indeed? I can think of a few I'd like not to be! I love this idea of dividing up the photos. We moved house with two sealed crates of loose photos- from the days of negatives and wallets! And there they sit. Still sealed!

  4. Oh, you are a good mom to sort out those pics for each of the kids. I have only made one family book and if the kids want it, they'll have to fight over it. I like to slide photos in and label. I'm no scrapbooker.

  5. This is a great thing: an album for your children with the different stations of their life! Such things are very precious! It's a lot of work, oMaaaannn! My youngest son started before Christmas also to make an album about his friendship with Sophie. It was his Christmas-present for her and for all, who see it! He had about 200 or more photos and worked several days on it.

    Congratulation for this creative beginning of 2015!

    Lovely dwarfs and beautiful sun in the trees!


  6. I love the little party of elves? Gnomes? in the snow, outside the church. They look cheery. You're the second blog friend who's said she is working on photo albums this time of year. I could NOT even attempt such a task! Overwhelming! Adam's grandmother took so many polaroid photos, and I have boxes. Sigh. Someone else will have to tackle that someday!


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