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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A cool evening after a hot day...

89 degrees on my car thermometer as I left work this afternoon! That's hotter than I like it. I prefer somewhere in the low 70's, or even cooler. But it's summer. We've been looking forward to this all winter, right?

Well, now it's cooling off. I opened my west windows and my east sliding doors when I arrived home. There was a terrific wind that whistled through my screens and blew the curtains around. It was very comfortable indoors and I enjoyed just listening to the wind and putting my feet up for a while.

Now the cool fresh evening breeze is rustling the grass outside and the birds are singing their evening songs. Isn't it wonderful how they seem to have a special song in the early morning and again in the evening?

I took this photo this morning while the robins sang joyfully.

This was a view of the evening shadows and sunlight.
After a long hot day the grass blowing in the evening breeze looks so enticing. Do you ever feel like you'd like to just sit down in the tall grass and enjoy some solitude while it blows around over your head? Why don't we do this when the urge strikes? (Because our neighbors would think we were crazy, that's why. If I lived further out in the country I might just do it! Well, woodticks might factor into it, too.)

I've often seen a beautiful spot in the woods as I drive down the highway and wondered, "What would happen if I just pulled over, got out of the car, hiked down through the ditch and took a nice walk in those woods?"  Well, I'd most likely be arrested for trespassing, because everything is private property these day. Remember being a kid and never even thinking about the concept of private property? You would innocently meander across property lines all the time, thinking the whole world was your playground. I think Heaven will be like that. No private property. Everything for our enjoyment. Woods and meadows enough to explore for all time. Ahhhhh... See you there, kindred spirits! :)

Today was a pretty good day. I spent a lot of time worrying during the night hours, thinking it would be the hardest day ever because of the way workers were scheduled. Instead, God changed my perspective. He provided and things went more smoothly than usual. Thank you, Lord! (At 1:30 in the morning I woke up and had to close the window. The loons were making so much noise on a nearby lake, they weren't helping me to get back to sleep! But I do love the variety of calls they make.)

Well, I finally finished another two page spread in my Sketchbook Project sketchbook. I still have some captioning to do, but here's the jist of it.

It's a beautiful evening. I think I'll go enjoy it some more. I spent a few minutes outside in my deck chair eating a banana split of sorts, enjoying the fresh breezes. I tossed a lump of chocolate ice cream to my barn cat friend and he enjoyed it. (Yes, MK, I'm grazing again! Wish I could enjoy grazing on fruits and veggies instead of ice cream!)
Hope you're enjoying your summer days. Shalom, friends.


  1. You're an encouragement, did you know? :)

    1. That's the nicest thing you could ever say, Melissa! :) Thank you!

  2. So glad things went smoothly at work. I like your Pileated Woodpecker. One place we lived we had a pair of them nest in a hollow tree on our driveway and we got to watch them feed their young.

  3. i love your descriptions of the sights and sounds around you! i had to chuckle as last night I went out after dinner to do a bit of gardening. That lasted 10 minutes before I was swarmed by mosquitoes!! Guess I'll have to enjoy nature on the inside looking out :)

    1. I tend to do that, too! I sit in my chair next to the window and enjoy the sights and sounds without the heat/mosquitoes/etc. :)

  4. Good night, dear Lisa and thank you to lead me into this hot day and this cooler evening in your garden and land.

    Beautiful new drawing!

  5. Lovely post Lisa. I think you must live in a drier climate than I. The humidity makes us close our windows and doors and turn on the AC when the weather is in the high 80s and 90s. But what you said about kids meandering across property lines without a care, really hit home. That was so true then. Love your journal pages. They look beautiful.

  6. I have been enjoying the bird songs and sounds in the mornings and evenings - love being able to have the windows open all the time these days! But I have been going to bed too late, and then I have to turn on a fan for white noise about 4 a.m. so that I can sleep through the birds' lovely wake-up songs. :-(

  7. Lisa, your banana split sounds divine :) Last night, in a desperate grazing fit, I got a bowl of warm applesauce and about 10 almonds. SIGH! At least it was kind of healthy.

    Your description of wanting to cut off into the woods for a good old-fashioned walk among the trees appeals to me. I just read the same sort of feeling over at Kezzie's blog. She's a tree-lover too. You know -- when I was young and more free-spirited, I used to walk like that, just meander in the woods. You could do that then, and nobody minded. In England, so much of the walk-way land is public and open to all. Here, as you say, it's private and guarded. But (flip-side to that) over here we have freedom to own rural lands privately, that they don't have in ENgland as easily. Ah well.
    I have a strong, intense longing to get back to the peace of nature and spend time outside in the grasses and trees. Does that sound silly? I don't care. We worry at night. We need time with God and nature to siphon that worry out. It's too hot right now to be outdoors, but I'm waiting for autumn on our little farm :) God bless you.


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