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Sunday, June 21, 2015

No excuses...

Yesterday was rainy and gave me a good excuse to simply sit and read and rest up. Today, however, dawned clear and sunny. It's 82* outside with a nice breeze. I'm not complaining after seeing what's happening in MK's neck of the woods!

I did some relaxing this morning and attended my son's church in Burleson, TX, via the internet. I do enjoy those people, though I know that eventually I need to get back in fellowship with some local folks. As Pastor Troy reminded us in his sermon today, nobody in the body of Christ is a Lone Ranger! I keep telling myself that when I semi-retire in the fall of 2016 I'll have more time to get involved in a local church. I'm not sure if that's true, or just an excuse. Holy Spirit?

I listened to the second service, too. You always get something new thrown in and I get to watch my son some more. :) While listening the second time I actually worked on some drawing and painting. Who does that in church? Me, I guess!

These are for a Dr. Seuss swap.
 About 1:30 I was craving a hamburger but had none of the requisite ingredients at home. So, I decided to order one from the local café and bring it home. When I got there and saw the place was empty (I figured it would be packed with tourists!) I decided to eat there. This was probably the second time I've eaten out alone since Bob went to be with Jesus. But it's a small mom and pop café that's part of the mom and pop grocery store I mentioned in a previous post, so it didn't feel awkward.

Upon returning home I noticed the lawn was looking pretty seedy. Too hot to mow? I figured if I took it in small pieces with lots of resting it shouldn't be too bad. I really have to conserve some energy for work tomorrow. My supply is not boundless. So I set up a rest station complete with glass of iced tea (under the cap to keep out marauding dragonflies and other flotsam) and John-Michael Talbot's book The Lessons of St. Francis. I'll share a couple of pages below. :)
This is no manicured city lawn. But I like things a little wilder.

The view from my chair.

During my rests I've been reading JMT's chapter entitled "Creativity" which discusses how we, as Christians, made in the image of a creative God, should also be creative. He gives some very practical ways we can live this out even if we don't feel we are particularly creative. Here are those pages. Maybe they'll make you want to read more?
(You'll have to click on this pic to make it large enough to read.)
Right now I'm taking a longer rest indoors. I might wait an hour or two until it begins to cool off to finish the front yard. The back yard can wait until next time. I did the side yards already, so there won't be much left.
I hope you're all enjoying your summer weather. Lawn mowing is about the only thing that coaxes me outside, and I'm so glad it does. I enjoy being out there. I just need to get into the shade a lot. The only shady spot is where I put my chair in the pictures!
Happy weekend to all!


  1. Good warm this day in your land! Very spiritual place, where you sit in the shadow reading Francis! I love Francis, too! Shalom, dear Lisa with the adventurous life full of creativity.

  2. I'm not sure being outside mowing the lawn in 82 degree sunshine is such a great idea but obviously you survived. Love your positive attitude.

  3. Sounds like a good day ... except for the mowing part :)
    Have a good week!!

  4. I've been a mowing fiend lately. We've had so much rain that I can't let it get ahead of me. I love the Dr. Seuss drawings! I'm glad you're taking your mowing work in workable chunks, with rest in between.

  5. You're such a good home-owner to mow the grass even when it's hot! I'm impressed :) Your lunch in town sounds restful. I'm glad you're watching church on TV; sometimes that's best. Church can be draining. Rest well and enjoy your summer -- isn't it nice to have a retirement deadline to look forward to?


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