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Thursday, June 25, 2015


I've been reading through some of the old emails/letters written by my Mom and myself over the years. I speak a bit about them in this post. I came across a letter about my nephew Isaac and wanted to share a bit.

About 16 years ago my nephew, Isaac, at the age of 14, went home to be with the Lord. He had suffered all of his life from a metabolic disorder called Niemann Pick disease. He was only expected to live a few years, but the Lord extended his time. He lived much of his life overseas because his parents were missionaries with Youth With a Mission. He led an interesting life, I think, and his parents made sure he got to participate in "kid things" as much as possible, even T-ball. Though he needed oxygen constantly, they managed to find a team for him to play on.

I won't tell you his whole life history, but I wanted to share something that happened in the last few moments of his life here on earth. His parents and sisters, grandparents, and many friends were gathered at home to be with him, knowing he didn't have long left in this world. My little niece, Naomi, Isaac's little sister, must have been about 4 at the time. As my mother wrote, "In Isaac's last moments little Naomi pointed excitedly toward Isaac and said, 'Do you see the shining arms? Do you see the shining arms?' She saw arms reaching down to receive Isaac. Isn't that wonderful of the Lord?!! After that she quit mourning and crying and, like all the rest of us, walked in a cloud of grace." I find myself sobbing, joyfully, every time I read this! God is good all the time. What the devil meant for evil (death) God has used as the vehicle for our triumphal entry into Heaven.

Isaac had once told his father that when he ran into home base he felt like a hero. On the long drive home after the funeral my mom said, "I kept receiving a picture in my mind of Isaac in his T-ball uniform, running in to home base and a big angel/umpire shouting, 'SAFE!' Well, at last, he is home safe and a hero."

Isaac told one of his father's friends that he was excited about going to Heaven because he would never be bored, never be tired and...could fly! I never met Isaac in this life, but I look forward to seeing him in heaven. Maybe we can go flying together!

Shalom. :)


  1. You know, Lisa, over the years after hearing of various Christians' deaths, I've thought a lot on these things. I believe in angels, and in believers being carried into heaven, stepping into heaven. I believe little Naomi saw exactly what was there, and God allowed her to see it, to comfort and give faith to the family. God does transform and redeem all things, even death -- he actually turns death into something ELSE. Scripture says repeatedly that we do NOT die. But we read over those passages as if it were some euphemism, and God didn't really mean it. But I think God is saying exactly the truth: Christians do not die; death has been done away with for us; we pass from this life into another life. That is why we should not fear. Even BEFORE the moment when we leave this world, we will see angels coming, carrying, lifting us away out of the pain and fear. Thank you so much for sharing Isaac's story with us!

    1. He would love to know that his story is helping people to not fear death. :)

  2. What a story of hope and promise! Thank you for it.

    1. Isaac would want us to share his story. :)


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