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Monday, June 29, 2015

Of tornadoes, bugs and birthday cards...

No, we didn't really have a tornado. Whew! But I did get a Facebook message yesterday morning that my daughter had sent at 1 a.m. asking me if I knew we were under a tornado watch! I got the message 7 hours later, so I was blissfully ignorant. :) I had noticed that the skies looked threatening before going to bed and took this photo. I try not to worry about such things because there's really nothing I can do in my glorified double-wide trailer except trust in God. And that's a pretty good thing.
Have you seen these little critters on your windows? Isn't God fun? I wonder what they do in the grand scheme of things? Feed birds? :) I had a hard time convincing my camera to take its picture instead of focusing on the great outdoors.
My son Jordan turns 33 on Wednesday. I've made handmade cards for son Josh the last couple of years and thought I'd try one for Jordan. I seem to have a thing for loons. It was a fun little art project.
 I tucked in a little pocket change. Goodwill is his favorite shopping place. Smart guy!
Micah, Adam and the girls dropped in for an unexpected visit. They were taking a walk on the Heartland Trail that passes by my house and Micah called to see if they could stop in. It was so cute to watch them walking up the street in front of my house. Audrey and Hazel keep up a running commentary between themselves and I could hear them from my patio door. As they were leaving and had just turned right at the end of my driveway to go back to the trail (about 100 ft. down the road) I saw Hazel's little blonde head turn toward the house and heard her say, "Bye, Gramma!" You better believe I was ready to say "Bye, Sweetie!" back to her. They had a fun little short visit and managed to play with the piano, tambourine, drum and xylophone! (No, I didn't think to take the photo when they were actually on the road, duh!)
Audrey modeling her braid.
 Adele power!
 Hazel, cousin Cali and Audrey at the park.
 Audrey and cousin Cali at gymnastics this morning. Audrey has skills! ;)
 Have a great evening!
That's all I have for now. Just wanted to check in! :)
Love God, love people, and speak the Truth in love.


  1. Aw, your grands are lovely, Lisa!
    I like the card you made!
    Take care and stay safe.

  2. I think it's SO neat that your grands/their parents can stop by on a walk to see you -- what a blessing to have family so close! Those girls will always remember that their granny lived nearby. I do think (when possible) it's so much better to have frequent little visits than to have long, laborious visits only once a year or so. The b'day card is wonderful -- such a sweet gift of yourself!

  3. I love homemade cards the best. My eldest daughter always makes cards for any occasion and she is very creative.Me? Not so much. Aren't grands just such a blessing? My oldest grand is going through some rough times and called me just yesterday to talk. How I hope that any advice I give will be helpful.

  4. Hallo, sweet Gramma - O ,yes, I do agree with M.K.June: "Those girls will always remember that their granny lived nearby."

    Lovely angels around you!

    The card is sweet, i like the donkey very much!

    Mighty clouds - and soft sun between summerfoggy evening-air!

  5. And that's really nothing any of us can do except trust in God. Which is what I'm doing now, waiting for my hay to be cut and put up.
    The littles are so adorable; give them a hug for me, please.

  6. Thank you for telling the story about the walk-in visit. It was really heartwarming. God bless and keep you safe in your home!

  7. Oh, the babies are AAAdorable! Love the braid and happy b'day to your son. Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all.


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