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Sunday, July 19, 2015

A beautiful Sunday...

It has been gorgeous here today. Clear, sunny, and maybe in the high 70's with a nice, brisk, cool breeze keeping the house at a comfortable temperature.

I watched both services of my son's church in Texas (my church, too, I suppose) online. Such good messages this pastor preaches!

Otherwise, I've been praying for family at length, reading online and some from my new book White Road. I'm having to discipline myself to learn a little Russian history to keep up with what's going on. It's a little confusing and contributed to a bit of a headache, I think. (This may also have something to do with the bright sunshine pouring in through the window.)

I spent a short while sitting outside in my deck chair just to soak up some vitamin D, but it exacerbated the aforementioned headache, so I retreated back inside. I also fit in a nice nap. I had to close my window a little because the breeze was so strong it was blowing the quilt off of me! Nice problem!

This evening I took a photo of my "garden". Aren't I ambitious? :)

I'm enjoying a cool breeze and some iced tea and biscuits (cookies) as I watch another installment of Escape to the Country which takes me to Dumfries and Galloway this time.

My usual practice when I near the end of a loaf of bread is to break up the heels and toss them into the back yard for the birds. Sometimes the cats get them, but usually it's the local crows. (I seem to have a regular rookery going here!) But today who should show up but a seagull! We have lots of them since we are in lake country, but this is the first to show up in my yard. Fun to see! One of God's little gifts to me today.

Two more of God's gifts to me...Audrey and Hazel having fun at the county fair! :)

And, I don't believe I posted this before. This is Adele (and sweet daughter Micah) enjoying the fireworks on the 4th of July! Micah said that Adele just loved them! :)

Feeling blessed! I hope you are, too!

Shalom, friends.


  1. Envious of your temperatures. Seventies sounds so wonderful with our high 90s and heat index in the 100s. Enjoy!

  2. The last crust ( heel) of a loaf around here goes to the dog who loves bread and just about everything edible plus some not-so-edible ( pine cones for instance). I think we're in for some slightly lower temperatures this coming week. I hope to have renewed energy. Hope your week gets off to a great start.

  3. Ooo - that does sound like a sweet day. And thanks for that tip about "Escape to the Country" -- I'd never heard of it before, went hunting just now, and found episodes on youtube :) I love those British house-hunting shows.
    Sorry that White Road is a bit of a challenge. You know, she does go on and on about the various political factions, early on. Feel free to skip over some of that if you want. Basically it's the Bolsheviks trying to murder everybody else who opposes them. She is "white Russian" -- the intelligentsia, lovers of the arts, music, writing. It seemed like such a sad, useless loss for all those fine people who loved their nation, to be lost.
    Your garden looks very relaxing and low-maintenance. Just my speed :)

  4. I believe: the seagull is a greeting and loving blessing from HIM! Love. peace, quiet lonely day in HIS awareness with silent friends! What a lovely mother with baby in the light of fire-works!


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