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Friday, July 24, 2015

Stuff in my camera...

Does anyone know if this type of cloud has a name? The sky was full of them last evening, like long fingers of cloud. The evening was nice, but we had a doozy of a storm last night. I woke at about 1:30 a.m. to almost continuous lightning for maybe 2 hours. There was also a sudden torrential downpour and I'm told some folks got hail and very high winds. Personally, I was staying away from the windows, so I'm not sure about all that. But today dawned nice with some big puddles.
stratocumulus undulates- Thanks MK and Jody!
 I took this a couple of days ago. I love the way the wind tosses the willow leaves around so you can see their silvery undersides.
 I'd love to be a bird bobbing about on those wind tossed branches. Wouldn't you?  Speaking of that, I wonder where Badger is right now?
 Another visit from my sweeties yesterday. This is the good side of their mom not having internet at home. I get to see a lot more of them! :) They love to pound on the old "pi-nano", as Hazel likes to call it.
 Little Adele practices her rolling. Micah told me that Adele hadn't rolled over since she did it at my house for the first time. Next thing we knew we turned around and she was on her tummy. She is a ninja! We never catch her in the act of rolling over! :D
 I keep trying to capture the way the evening sun backlights the grasses (weeds?) in my meadow. It looks much greener than this in real life. do you like them feet? This is the 6-toed (at least) guy who left the imprints in the snow last winter, if you recall that photo.
 He's getting bigger...and so are his feet! I call him Mitt.
I devoured a lot of "Down the Garden Path" yesterday on my day off. I love his sense of humor. I'm not that much for flower gardening, but the gardening is really just an excuse for him to write his interesting character sketches. I think any of you Anglophiles out there would love this book. The author's name is Beverley Nichols, and this book is part of the Allways trilogy.

I also read a lot out of one of the notebooks of email correspondence I got from my mom. Talk about a page turner! So many things I'd forgotten about, and so pleasant to remember. A family memoir, and I didn't even have to work hard to write it. ;)

Well, I'm totally worn out and have a weekend of work ahead. Hope there will be no storms to awaken me tonight!

Shalom and coolness to all. Thanks for taking the time to drop by! :)


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog, Lisa. I don't get many visits unless I initiate them so I am pleased to hear from you. Your photos are beautiful. I think the cloud does have a name but I don't know what it is. Loved the photos of th many toed cat. Very unusual looking feet. And beautiful Starry reminds me of my now 26 year old granddaughter, who also has red hair.

  2. I love looking at clouds and the stranger they are the better. A website I find useful is lots of info there. Too bad about the storm waking you. We didn't have a storm but we did at long last get a decent rain, for which we are very thankful.

  3. Hallo, Lisa, I really can feel the weather you tell about and show beautiful adventurous photos! The clouds are the message of thunderstorms will come. I have to ask my son, he is a geography-teacher, he collects clouds and knows a lot of names.

    In these different weather-possibilities we find lovely children and a cat living trusting in the Lord to shelter them.

    It's a blessing to have grandma mother friend Lisa! Special!

  4. We also had a night of storm recently that was very similar to yours. I've never seen such continuous lightning, for about 30-45 minutes. The sky was never free of it. And the deep, ripping, rolling thunder. It was quite a show! We live so far apart, I can't believe it was the SAME storm, but I guess you never know!
    Oh, I think those clouds might be a type of stratocumulous. Look over at Google images and see if any of those photos resemble yours. The lines of clouds in yours are quite distinct and parallel -- quite interesting.

  5. Ah -- try "stratocumulus undulatus." That looks about right :)

  6. My Audubon Weather & Clouds pocket guide says your clouds are stratocumulus. It says they can occur when there's been a storm or passing cold front or other disturbance. Cool sky photo!!

    Your Littles are so sweet. And that six-toed kitty cat is special too. Have a good Sunday's rest.

  7. The evening light is so lovely! I made myself go out in the evening today and worked in the yard while dusk came on. It was very nice. And your cloud, too! Thank you for sharing these parts of your world.


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