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Monday, July 13, 2015

Family...and Lisa flips out on FB...

Just had to post this cute photo of daughter Micah and family. They were enjoying the Midsummer's parade in the nearby small town of Menahga, MN. :)

As for flipping out on Facebook, I know I should have kept my mouth shut...or maybe not? Somehow a video was shared on my newsfeed (and I wish I knew how to narrow down who can post things or how to prevent friends of friends posts from being shared). The video was of a "prank" where a guy dressed up as a scary, evil clown character would set a little music box in a secluded spot, turn it on, and then when unsuspecting passersby walked over to see what the music box was doing there, the clown would whistle to get their attention. In one scenario he had a chainsaw which he started up and began chasing the terrified young people. In another scene he had a huge sledge hammer and a "dead" looking dummy on the ground. When he got these people's attention he pretended to smash the dummies head. Once again the terrified people ran for their lives. I commented that this was a grotesque video, and why would anyone think it's funny. A young gal commented back something like, "I think it's hilarious! Idk what you mean. Have a little fun for once." I commented in return that I could see how someone who is self-centered and thoughtless might think it was funny that those people thought they were about to die. She commented back, "Yup, you got it." and I said, "I thought so." Aaaahhh! But this is what the world is coming to folks. Gird up your loins and feed on scripture. We're going to need it as evil increases.

On a more upbeat note... I followed a link from Betty the Wood Fairy's blog and found this picture. I could LIVE in this! :)

Maybe I should have hung onto my dad's old VW bus? Road trip!
Well, I'm off to enjoy the rest of this day off. It takes this old body a while to recover from a hectic weekend at work!
Thanks for dropping by! Shalom to you and yours!


  1. I agree with you. I have seen lady and men talk that way and put up trash like that.

    We do need the word of God more then ever as our shield in days to come.

  2. Darling photo of Micah and family. :) And about the FB situation. I totally understand. Seems folks have really lost their sense of decency. What's considered acceptable now is horrible. Way to go for speaking up.

  3. Shalom, Lisa :-)

    It's hard to have civil discussions with people I know on Facebook, much less complete strangers. I'm glad you exited that non-civil one as soon as you did, because that kind of thing could make your weekend extra hard to recover from.

    Thanks for sharing Betty's picture. I dream about a road trip - but I think I probably am too old and stodgy for that level of adventure. I'm sure there *would* be adventure.

  4. Well done, Lisa! Melissa is so right: Seems folks have really lost their sense of decency.

    Wonderful living-loving family-photo!

  5. I wanted to thank you for your sweet, and honest comment at my blog. I think I started reading your blog several months after you lost your husband. Amazed at how on this public forum you've held up. I know in private it has to be different, but you really are awesome, and a person I'd be proud to know in real life. :)

  6. Those little caravans looks so nice. I could live in one ... if it were in a cool climate. Down here in the HOT ole US South, when it's 95 degrees, one of those would probably just feel like an oven, or if it had AC, you'd have to stay inside all the time. I don't like the heat! But they are so adorable, aren't they?

    I remember viewing part of that clown video. I had much your same response. Part of it is an age gap. Young people don't seem to see the horror, the fear, the nasty indifference to others, that video pranks like that clearly show. They think it's funny to watch someone be terrified. As we age, we know that fear is no joke. We've seen too much sorrow in life to find any humor in it anymore. I know that's true. And those young people will grow up and feel the same when they are 50. But some nutcase in the world will always be willing to appeal to the young person's mean enjoyment of pranks.

    Blessings to you :) Here's to hoping that we can make a little corner of the world, a little better.


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