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Monday, July 27, 2015

Clouds and grandkids at the zoo...

Lots of spectacular clouds lately...
 Why does the phrase "see the little puffer bellies all in a row" come to mind?

A bunch of baby clouds in a cradle of clouds...
 I made this little pen sketch from a photo. This guy will be going into my Sketchbook Project, but for that I'll make a pencil sketch and use watercolors. I'll probably add some sunfish, too.
 The kids and grands went to the Como Zoo in Minneapolis for a belated birthday treat for Audrey. It's a four hour drive one way and the girls didn't know where they were headed until they arrived. They were pretty thrilled! The ancient carousel was a favorite.
Hazel Jane on her steed.
 Audrey, lovin' it...
 Kiddie jail...
 Adele in awe...
 Adam and Hazey
 Lots of selfies!
 The caption my son-in-law Adam put with the photo below on Facebook: "Mad props to this woman here, for being the best mom that these girls and I could hope for!" I thought that was nice!
 Poor gorilla. He looks grumpy. It was HOT, so he's probably just trying to get cool.
Kind of a hot muggy day off. I tried to nap, but just tossed and turned. Sitting in front of the fan most of the day trying to entertain myself. :) I really get overtired over my working weekend and just can't seem to get rested. Oh well. I'm off to have a snack, watch a little Escape to the Country and then to bed. :)
Thanks for stopping by and shalom to all!


  1. Such sweetness, and I can't believe how big little Adele is now. She's beautiful, of course. but is growing so fast. :)

  2. Down by the station, early in the morning, see the little puffer-bellies all in a row..... I had totally forgotten that song until you mentioned it. Memories. And what could be more fun for a child but a trip to the zoo and a ride on a carousel . I hope you were able to relax and have a restoring sleep. Take care

    1. My sweet hubby used to sing that song to the little grandgirls. I hadn't heard of it until then. :)

  3. What a rich life, full of love and understanding for God's nature and creatures!

    1. Dori, you are a woman of encouragement! :)

  4. That gorilla! Wow! Your girl IS a fantastic mom and her girls are SO cute! We need to work on another art exchange. I'll put my brain on it.

  5. I've enjoyed several of those Escape into the Country shows since you mentioned it before - thanks! The zoo trip looks fun. So glad they are young and able to do all that hot toting-around of little kids. Phew! Those were the days :) Soon it will be fall. The girls are looking sweet, granny!

  6. I love your clouds! So glad you caught them with your camera.


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