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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Library book sale haul!

Well, sort of a mini-haul compared to years past. This time I couldn't go to the sale until after work, so I realized things would be picked over and I would just enjoy the leisurely perusal of books and rejoice if I found something interesting. And here they are...
 *The Agony and the Ecstasy-I've wanted to buy this before, but wasn't sure if it would be good...or terrible. I figured for 10 cents I couldn't go wrong. I can always redonate it.
*The Purpose Driven Life-a copy to give away since I won't give away my copy with annotations by my dear mom. :)
*Rees Howells-Intercessor- Another book I thought might be interesting.
(I found all of these books in the 10 cent room, so I grabbed any I thought might be good. My total investment...$1.85!)
*Born to Trot-I seem to be amassing a collection of Marguerite Henry books. My granddaughters will thank me someday!
*Made in the Middle Ages-a cute little old textbook which tells about all sorts of things that were made in the Middle Ages such as church art, furniture, weaponry, books. Lots of line drawings.
*The Warden-Trollope. I've heard people mention that this is their favorite Anthony Trollope book. Again, for 10 cents, why not? (I'm building up my rainy day library here, folks!)

 *Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes-Robert Louis Stevenson. I had never heard of this book, but it looked like a fun little travel tale.
*Moby Dick-Just because. There was a nicer copy, but I liked this dog-eared one.
*Golden Book Encyclopedias-These are so much fun to look through! The grandgirls will like them, too! :)
*China-A nice, though outdated, picture book of China. Just because I'm curious.
*Selected Sonatinas ?!? I don't even play the piano! BUT for 10 cents, I thought it might be fun to pick out a measure or two at a time. I do have an old upright that only gets played when Audrey and Hazel visit. (Cheap thrills!)

This last week at the deli was quite a workout. Last weekend I fried chicken one day and closed the other. I had Monday off and was so worn out I just sat, mostly. Tuesday and Wednesday I repeated the chicken frying and closing. (The two hardest jobs in the deli, physically.) Thursday and Friday I had the 7-3 shift. Much easier, so I have some energy left to enjoy my weekend off!

This is what I was doing this morning. I awoke at 6:30 and felt good, so I got up. I thought I'd sleep later, but I did get to bed early last night. Breakfast was had, dishes were done (they had piled up a bit), laundry started (finished now!), a little dusting and sweeping. I just have vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom to do. It will get done sometime over the weekend.
 Just finished Taking Flight, a book given to me by my art buddy, Pom Pom. Thanks, Pom! I got some good encouragement and ideas. :) I love the idea of making picture frames from old books, and of doing a painting on an old kitchen cabinet. Those are on my To-Do list.  (Shown below book.)
 I would leave off the wings. I love to find uses for old books. You could put a photo in there or a small painting.
I love the idea of painting on an old cabinet door. I like the black border and bright colors. So many possibilities!
Wednesday was a misty morning...

 Fall has arrived!

 An eagle couple decided to land on a very tall tree across the road from my house. You can see the second eagle just to the right and down below the higher one. They made the occasional screeching sounds, which is what drew my attention in the first place. They stayed for a while. I wasn't sure if they thought my cats looked like good fodder, but the cats are all present and accounted for, so they must have thought of something tastier.
And here I'm linking to a random beginner crochet tutorial so I'll be able to find it later! :) I actually understand what he's doing!


I hope you're all enjoying a fine weekend. It's in the 70's here today. Destined for the 80's tomorrow. Back to the 50's next week. Enjoy it while you can, I say.

Blessings and peace on all!


  1. Aw! I wish you didn't have to fry and close two times in a week.
    I'm glad you found some stuff at the library sale and I'm really glad you like the book I sent you!

  2. Dear Lisa, you do the necessary daily work, and you always find the right time for your own personal style of life.

    Books are good friends, when you find the right to read. They go with me like a true dog :)

    I love to see your misty little bit frozen clean autumn-atmosphere around your house.

    The eagles and cats and all hidden visitors are always welcome in your special story of your days.

  3. Lisa, I enjoyed your post this week so much. I have read the Rees Howells Intercessor, but it was many years ago. Interesting life of a fairly modern day prophet, I think.

  4. You sure got a stack of books for so little money!! I love that you picked the dog-eared copy of Moby Dick rather than the one in better shape.
    Are the powers that be still trying to hire more people at your work? Seems to me you need to work a bit less hard. Just sayin'

    1. It's fall, so they're actually cutting our hours. Things are slowing down, so we're celebrating making it through another summer tourist season! :) Hopefully, I won't have to do so much frying and closing all the time!

  5. you really found some good books...that should keep you busy for a while!!

    i think you do a great job of balancing work and play! the world could use more play time though...if you ask me :)

  6. Enjoyed your newsy post, but had to stop and stare at those eagles. Amazing you have them in your backyard. Stunning. And HUGE. Couldn't avoid thinking of having them to deal with along with my chickens!!! Glad I don't. Hawks keep me busy enough. :)

  7. I think your haul was well worth the investment, or gamble, whatever you want to call it ;-) $1.85 is pretty much free!! I had completely forgotten about Rees Howells, but I think my husband and I read that together when we were young. I did love The Agony and the Ecstasy, but that was also when I was young. You can't go wrong with M. Henry!

    Lucky for us that you have some R&R occasionally and write a blog; I'm so happy for you that your fry work will ease up a bit. More art! More writing! More reading! Yay!

  8. 80's! That's mighty warm!
    Nice book selection, Lisa. I do love Trollope (inordinately) and I love "The Warden." It was one of his first that I read. I really like that story b/c Trollope does an unusual thing, for a writer. He gives you a truly lovable, dear, noble, GOOD protagonist, who has inadvertently found himself doing something that is not quite ethical. It's such a fascinating quandary, and I love the way Trollope gives his readers realistic scenarios like this. I hope you like the book.


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