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Thursday, October 15, 2015

No Idle Hands...

Remember this?
Well, I've been patiently waiting, and yesterday I received a 5 pound package in the mail. I didn't think this book would be that heavy...and I was right! They sent me the wrong book! Wah! The book I received was a long biography called In Search of Nella Larsen. The Amazon bookseller I bought it from said they would gladly refund my money if I returned the Nella Larson book. I figure by the time I pay the postage myself to return it, I will be money in the hole when they refund my purchase price. (Which was about $6.50 with s&h.) So, I'm out the book and the money. Maybe I can find it at the library again. How hard can it be for someone to check the invoice and make sure it matches the title before they ship it out? I didn't leave them a very good rating. Ha! How do you like them apples? :)  **UPDATE: I just found two emails in my inbox. One from the seller and one from Amazon telling me they have issued a refund. I don't have to return the book. I'm satisfied with that! :)**

I'm working on my kids' photo albums a bit. I stopped in the middle of what I was doing to begin a "short" bio of my life to include in them. I've lived in so many houses in my lifetime. I tried to give a brief glimpse into my childhood homes and some funny memories. My husband wrote/dictated his little life history to me a few years back, and I've already put a copy of that in the albums. Write your bios now, folks! Your kids will enjoy them later.

Here are Hazel's official three year old pictures, taken by her mom.

 The REAL Hazel... (below)

 Seems like only a couple of months ago you couldn't even get her to look at the camera. Now she turns three and, BOOM, she's a child model...

 A more typical Hazel pose. Rock in hand...

I babysat Audrey and Hazel yesterday while Mama Micah took pictures of someone else's kids. (She's trying to get up the courage to become a photographer, though she isn't letting anyone pay her yet.) Anyway, we were watching Bubble Guppies. The subject matter was insects and spiders. Audrey asked if one of the pictures was an insect. I said, no, that's a spider. They have eight legs. She said, "Oh, yeah. They're arachnids." The Bubble Guppies episode did mention that word, but I'm always bowled over when she remembers these things! (Four years old!)

I'd better get up and MOVE instead of sitting around all day. I've visited everyone on my blog list. Fun to see what you all think about life. Have a wonderful day filled with...



  1. Adorable blond-haired blue-eyed angel!! Good idea to write my bio. You're right my daughter will appreciate it...someday.

  2. Hazel looks to be her mom all over again. What a little darling. :)

    But sorry about your Amazon experience. I got a wrong book one time, and they refunded my money and allowed me to keep the book. Maybe you could encourage them to so the same? Mine was an Amazon purchase too....wondering what Amazon's policy on this is? You shouldn't have to pay to return it, when they made the mistake. Bummer.

  3. That IS a bummer about the book! Boo!
    Hazel is a peach! She's so cute!
    I feel that way when I've been sitting too long.

  4. Good for Amazon refunding your money AND you get to keep the book. Now if only they would send you the book you wanted.
    That little Hazel is so photogenic. And cute. I love the Black & whites.

  5. What a disappointment to open an Amazon-parcel and find the wrong book!

    The sun arises, when Hazel comes with her teddy-bear! She is an angel!

    (You, too!)

  6. Hello there Lisa! I hope Mr Badger reaches you ok- I saw your blog name on MK's blog and thought, "AH! That's who I have sent Mr Badger to!"
    What a disappointment about the book- at least you received a refund though!
    Hazel is a beauty, she looks so pretty in her pictures- were they taken my Mama Micah?
    I'm often amazed when children come out with something like that, even at a tender age- my niece was like that when she was 4- my sister would tell me these stories of the things she would come out with!
    Anyway, it was lovely to come and meet you!
    Kezzie x

    1. I'm looking forward to Mr. Badger's arrival! I haven't seen him yet! :)

  7. It's so fun to realize you're dealing with a really smart kid. Good for you, leaving an accurate review. It made them do the right thing.

    If anybody asks for my memoirs I'll tell them o read my blog.


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