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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Badger happenings...

Thanks to my awesome readers who asked if this...
...was really MY larder! I'm touched that you believe me to be so awesome as to have such a larder. Nay, I must confess, I Googled "hobbit larder" to find this fine example. I wanted Badger to have something more in keeping with his habits and tastes than my boring little pantry. In this alternate universe I like to call The Wind in the Willows World Wide Tour, anything is possible, if we just think it up!

The wind is whistling around the house and slushy snow is falling outside. Badger and I are enjoying an evening of hygge. I asked if he would consider posing for his portrait. He thought it would pass the time pleasantly. Here's the rough sketch. I'll update as watercolors are added.

After some sketching, tea was made and we sat before a roaring fire reading and knitting. As I continued the saga of Jane Eyre, Badger was clicking away on his double pointed knitting needles, producing a pair of thick, woolen socks. I must have him teach me how to do this!

(from the internet)
My work schedule has made it difficult to entertain Badger as I would like to. He, however, has been the ideal guest and has managed to see some of the sights himself during my work day. The second day he was here he hiked into my small town of Nevis and was quite impressed with our Tiger Muskie statue.
(This statue is actually here in Nevis. The pic, however, is from the internet.)
 He continued on down the trail to the town of Akeley, a five mile jaunt, and visited our very impressive Paul Bunyan statue. He cajoled two children into posing on Paul's boot so we could see how BIG he is. We seem to be enamored of giant statues in this neck of the woods. This British badger seems to think nothing of a 10 mile walk! He said he found it quite invigorating!
(Yes, he's actually 5 miles down the road. Internet photo.)
My house is back on the market at a reduced price. I actually had a realtor show it yesterday. That's the first showing all summer. I have no idea what the result of that showing was, but I'm thinking I'd better get a little serious about looking into housing alternatives, just in case. Badger and I have been making a list of things I need to find out about apartments in the area. This could be exciting, if I keep the right frame of mind. I'll be working on that. If things get too exciting, too quickly, I may need to put Badger on a bus to his next destination. We'll see how things develop. I don't want him getting lost in the confusion. :) Meanwhile, we'll enjoy staying warm away from the cold, sloppy weather. I finally have two days off! Hoorah!

Stay warm! God bless and shalom!


  1. Aaaww, I like Badger's portrait and I'm glad he's enjoying himself!x

  2. I love your "stories" and your grandchildren (sidebar) are just beautiful. Good luck on the house. I hope it sells for you. xo Diana

  3. Too bad the weather is not so great but luckily Mr. Badger is quite able to amuse himself. Your house is on the market again? That's exciting ( at least I hope it is.). I suppose once you have a plan in place as to where you'll move to it will feel more like excitement, huh?

  4. Mr. Badger seems like he is a compliant house guest, but then YOU are a sweet hostess.

  5. TWICE I came and read that other post, and wondered if that was truly YOUR larder ... drool in jealousy! I wish it were yours, and I could come visit you :) But if that were your larder, you wouldn't want to sell you house, right? I hope all goes well, and just according to God's plan, in your house move. You sound so busy. I hope all falls into place for you, and God smooths your way.
    I'm imagining Mr. Badger, lounging fireside, clicking away with double-pointeds. You're SO funny!!

  6. What a neat post, Lisa! I really enjoyed it. If the house is on the market, have you packed up stuff for moving? That would take me a month of Sundays to do. Yes, I remembered that your dh went to be with the Lord about the same time as mine. I also remember you have lots of children and grandchildren, compared to my 2 adult children and 1 grandchild. Keep that Badger moving around. Your post is delightful.

  7. Hello Linda, Yes I live in the Osage Area to nearby Park Rapids home of that Jack Pine Savage Contest. Nice to meet you here on your blog. I will be back to visit again:)

  8. Lisa, surely hope your house sells as quickly as you want/need. I know, all too well, about staying put. As things go now, I'll be on the farm until spring...God has a plan and I'm thinking that's His plan until He causes different.

  9. I'm glad you haven't been in too big a hurry to send Badger off again to his next lodging. I know I would appreciate the ambiance, the warm and relaxed hospitality you are showing him. You are the model hostess.


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