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Monday, November 2, 2015


Another fairly gloomy November day...but a day off! 
Badger and I decided to do some organizing of the stuff that travels with him in his envelope spaceship. The postcard collection was in disarray, so we got them in order. The next hostess in line can easily add her postcard to the end of the queue, as they say in the UK. :) 
The nosey neighbors watched through the window.

Badger visited while I did a little doodling in the traveling book.

He admired his portrait...

I think it's finished, but you never know about these things.

Random! I found this on Pinterest. Now I could live in this!

Very snug (except for the gas can?)!

After much plopping down and rearranging Micah got this shot of the three girls. Audrey's smile had gotten a little frozen by then. lol. Still a good shot of the three of them.

And some new shots of Starry...

...and Nathan! :)

Here we have Adele the pink poodle, Hazel the Spiderman and Audrey the Batman-with-a-braid. Someone congratulated Micah for being so open-minded as to let her girls wear "boy" costumes. Heck, she just thought the padded muscle shirts would keep them warmer! You can fit lots of layers under there. This is Minnesota, folks! :)
Micah is sporting a cowl that I arm-knitted. Yay! One project I actually finished!

There has been some discussion about why some of us bloggers are "no-reply comment" bloggers. I had no idea why I was, so I went searching for answers. I came across this conversation on the Forums. It was written 3 years ago, but seems to be an answer of sorts. So, if you're interested in this topic, please check it out comment blogger

I couldn't help sharing this brief video. My son, Jordan, is not only the worship leader at Open Door Church in Burleson, Texas, but is also recruited to do some fun videos like this one. Deacon J...that's my Jordan! Enjoy! :)

And now, off to do some reading and enjoying the rest of my evening. Hygge to everyone!

And shalom.


  1. That remodeled bus does look like a snug place for one maybe 2 people. What do you think the bathroom facilities would be though. I love the dreamy quality of the pic of the 3 girls. AND I love the Halloween houses you drew for Pom Pom. So cute. Littlest GS had the same Batman costume but his was minus the head piece b/c it came from someone's throw away box.

    1. Thanks for all the sweet comments, GM! :)

  2. I think I'm a little in love with your grandbabies. Their photos are so darling. And about that camper....there's something very cozy about that sort of living. I have an online friend who briefly lived in a tiny, one-room cabin. She loved it. Had to pare down quite a bit, but it was home. :)

    1. I've always hankered after the gypsy lifestyle! :)

  3. those nosey neighbors look a trifle hungry...just sayin'...
    that is a very fine looking larder

    1. You'd never know that I feed them twice a day! :)

  4. Dear Lisa, - again special moments in your gifted life! To meet you means to be a part of your art :) and to be blessed by a really good-hearted friend!

    This little room is a picture of a meek but essential lifestyle you already live.

  5. What a beautiful job on the journal page and the portrait of Badger, Lisa. I enjoyed the video and marveled at how many children there are in that church. Thanks for sharing your family photos. Your gkids are darling.

  6. That bus does look cozy! And your grandies are so adorable!


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