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Thursday, November 19, 2015

On the Road Again...

Well, Mr. Badger has had quite a relaxing time of reading, knitting, drawing and indulging in hours of quiet introspection while sipping mugs of tea in the northwoods. It seemed that fall would go on forever with moderate temperatures (for Minnesota) and drizzly rain. But then...
 we awoke to this! Gusty winds and snow...
 The sudden wintry weather seems to have had a soporific effect on Mr. Badger. He's growing groggy and longs to curl up in a warm spot...perhaps a nice padded mailing envelope?
 I will miss his quiet companionship. He's almost like a member of the family!
 But we both agree it's time for him to resume his travels. He's snuggled up to a nice cup of hot chocolate which will fortify him for the next leg of his journey. Thank you for the visit, Badger! You know the true meaning of hygge and I will endeavor to continue living that lifestyle. :)
 I hope to get Badger's things organized and his traveling envelope packed and ready to go in the next day or two. He will take off for the magical land of Indiana to visit Heather at Blackberry Ramblings for the holidays. I look forward to reading of his adventures there. Have fun, Heather! :)

We've had so much rain lately that we haven't seen much of the sun. Here's a pretty sunrise from a few days ago.
It looks like winter's finally making its appearance. Take care out there if you have snow and ice. Happy Thanksgiving to all!



  1. I was so excited to hear that Mr. Badger is coming to us for the holidays! This is going to be such a fun adventure for the children!! I can't wait to see how we all enjoy his time with us. I'm sorry he has to say goodbye to you first :(

  2. Aaaaawww, he's had a lovely time with you Lisa!!

  3. It was obviously nice for both of you to have the companionship. Your Badger journals are the best....

  4. Dear Lisa, here its late in the night, I just wanted to visit you for my night-blessing :) and I see the heavenly snow near you house and hear of gusty wind and just say: we have the same here!

  5. Love reading of Badgers visit and anticipation for more travel. I'm not ready for snow, but you are better prepared there than here in the Mid-Atlantic states.

  6. Lovely photo of the sunrise.
    Are you almost ready for your son's visit? You did mention taking some time off, I think. I hope you have a wonderful time.


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