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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Various afflictions...

Ha! Poor me! It seems I'm being ganged up on by those evil twins, Chest Cold and Hives. Quite the combination! My, no wait, THE cold (I don't want to take ownership of it) seems to be running it's course and is getting better. Other than the freaky coughing fits I had at work today.

I'm still trying to pin down the culprit that's causing the hives. I think my polyester bed sheets are numero uno. I've had hives for about 3 days, and they were worse this morning. I just started sleeping on these sheets a few days ago, hence my suspicions. The hives had pretty much cleared up by the time I got off work, but I'm getting some itching again since returning home. Polyester in my clothing? I'm going to try wearing more cotton. This is a new allergy to me. (And the bed sheets are "going away", obviously.)

We're having strong winds and occasional light snow flurries. A good day to be at home reading and doing art. Badger has been practicing his pen and ink skills. He did two renditions of the Wild Wood. The shrieking wind and snow outside reminded him of a special visit he had with Mole and Ratty in his cozy burrow.

Did I mention that my son Jordan is coming for a visit? He'll be flying up our way on November 30 and will stay until the following Friday. I'm going to play hooky from work and spend lots of time with him. We (daughter Micah and myself) are very excited! We will take her van full of us and the grand girls and pick him up in Minneapolis. It's quite a drive, but she's much braver than me.

I think I will make this short and sweet. Off to cook up some soup for our supper. Stay warm and cozy everyone! Hygge's the word! :)



  1. Hygge IS the word! Yay!
    Oh, get well, friend! I'm so sorry that you had a coughing fit and that you have hives. Boo! Praying for a quick recovery!

  2. How wonderful that your son is coming home for a visit. I would play hooky, too...and hope you are completely well by then. I had pneumonia last winter and honestly, coughed for nine months. Horrible!!!!

    Enjoy your soup! xoDiana

  3. Definitely Hygge time. You're having strong winds and light snow. We're having strong winds and very heavy rain.
    I hope you shake the cough soon. Take extra good care of yourself so you are 100% by the 30th.

  4. hope you are feeling better soon. i haven't had a cold in a while (knock on wood). i hate those that linger for weeks! ugh.


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