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Friday, November 27, 2015

The History of Mr. Polly...

This movie reminds me of the last line of Northanger Abbey, where Jane Austen poses this conundrum: "I leave it to be settled, by whomsoever it may concern, whether the tendency of this work be altogether to recommend parental tyranny, or reward filial disobedience."

Somewhere I came across a reference to this movie (The History of Mr. Polly) and thought it sounded interesting. My assignment, if you should choose to accept it, is to watch the movie and tell me what you think of it. :)

The description of the movie pegs him as a daydreamer. Now, I hate to talk down about daydreamers, being one myself, but this man is a totally irresponsible and lazy individual. I like a movie where the characters get their just desserts in the end. This one seems to reward Mr. Polly's self-centered and infantile behavior. The moral of the story seems to be, if your marriage stinks, get out any way you can, even though your own foolish choices got you into trouble in the first place. Anyway, you get my drift. This has been a Lisa Movie Review. I think it would be fun to see what others think.

In other news, I'm enjoying lots of Thanksgiving leftovers! I hope you are as well...if you like that sort of thing.

That's all I have for now. Enjoy your weekend(s)! :)



  1. I haven't seen that movie, Lisa. I do a lot of reading and not much TV or movie watching. Hope your TG was happy. I am eating a lot of yummy leftovers too. My dil made the dinner and brought it over to my house. She is such a great cook.

  2. I hate to admit this but have been watching John Travolta in Love from Paris...think it's called that...great stunts and I do love a movie with great stunts. The language leaves a LOT to be desired but it is a fun movie. Enjoy those leftovers! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Lisa.


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