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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

More of the white stuff...

The snow is beautiful, but sometimes a little unwelcome when you have places to go. We have a four day weekend coming up and I hope to enjoy it more then! I got the kiddos to school alright this morning, thanks to the plows doing their thing. Micah has a chiropractor appointment for little Thatcher in Bemidji at 1:40 today. I'll sit with Adele and Sully. I hope it stops snowing before she goes. I think it's supposed to. I'll be praying for safe travel and she will pick up Audrey and Hazel on her way home.

We had more -25 weather the other morning (again!). I'm losing track of which days things happen, lol. I think it was a couple of days ago. I was trying to capture some of the sun dogs which appeared thanks to the cold air.

I hope you all don't mind me showing you the same views out of my windows, but I'm enjoying them! :) Here is what it looks like currently. The UFO at the right of the photo is just a reflection of a light from inside, ha ha.

I'm currently reading The Bride of Ivy Green, which is the third book of a trilogy by Julie Klassen. I'm enjoying it a lot. I think I may have read all of her books now! She keeps putting them out, but I may have a long wait for the next one.
I've actually contemplated getting a pair of snowshoes (a la Jody) so I can get some exercise outside during the winter. Very unlike me, but it might be an adventure. During our upcoming four day school break I may take the kids outside to play in the snow. They're starting to feel cooped up. The temps should be fairly mild.

I don't often post literary quotes here, but this one popped up in my email this morning and I thought it was very insightful. I get a daily C.S. Lewis excerpt in my email and some (most)of them are really good. Sometimes I post them on Facebook.

"Where we have traditional poetry there will be epithets and metrical devices which are the offspring of no single human temperament; wherever we have ancient poetry at all, there will be language which was commonplace to the writers but which time has turned into beauty; wherever we get misunderstanding – as in the common, beautiful, mistranslation of Virgil’s lacrimae rerum – there will be poetry that no poet wrote. Every work of art that lasts long in the world is continually taking on these new colours which the artist neither foresaw nor intended. We may, as scholars, detect and endeavor to exclude, them. We may, as critics, decide that such adventitious beauties are in a given case meretricious and trivial compared with those which the artist deliberately wrought. But all that is beside the purpose. Great or small, fortunate or unfortunate, they have been poetically enjoyed. And that is enough for my purpose. There can be poetry without a poet."
From The Personal Heresy by C.S. Lewis
God bless us every one, and everyone enjoy your particular weather wherever you may be! :)
Shalom for now!


  1. Oh, I hope you try snowshoeing - I bet you would like it, and it would give you such liberty, of a sort really different from being able to drive your car, which of course needs the snow cleared off, and then you have to drive it in the slush or whatever... You could just pop out the door with your jacket and explore!! I did this once, and found it thrilling. I didn't ever get another chance - yet.

  2. Dear Lisa, all the snow-photos are a miracle, white and heavenly. But the ways through this white beauty are hard! So I hope all your dear family-members are sheltered on their ways to he places, they have to go!

    Here in the Bavarian Forest we had such amount of snow, that a lot of trees were broken, and traffic fell "asleep".

    And it is so very important, that our "horses" - the cars - do work!!

    Stay happy and sheltered,reading good books and being a wonderful Grandma as always!

    Greetings from Dori - here snow is slowly melting, we expect warm sunny days and fresh cold nights, my beloved weather in before-spring!

    I can imagine, that you always love the view from your window!

  3. Your photos out your window are gorgeous, peaceful, still. But oh-so cold! We are 60 degrees today and windy. I know your grandies long to be outside playing!
    That's an interesting quote from Lewis, and it is a real fascinating conundrum for anyone who makes art of any kind - how will it be interpreted, misunderstood, changed, or re-imagined in the future? In the end, the artist can only put his art out there as he feels it, and let it develop its own life beyond him.

  4. I love your snow. We have had one pathetic little tickling of the earth. A tease really, and not one single snow day from school. Sigh! I wish I was your candle lit gnome above, venturing out to watch starlight on the snowscape!


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