Sunday, December 1, 2019

Had some snow...

I'm guessing about 8 inches, though it might be more. Adam made the kids a snow fort with a pallet frame. Merry Christmas!


  1. Such a lot of snow!!! I'm very interested!! Happy photos full of joy! O it was a big blizzard! Very brave you are living in Northern Minnesota! Thank you for the pictures!

    Nice dwarfs in the header. my home in my childhood!

    Many greetings from the silent and a little bit white Bavarian Forest in the dreams from Dori

  2. wow! a lot of snow! that second picture is really a treasure! God bless and protect you all!

  3. I like Adam's sturdy snow fort.. Stay cozy and warm.

  4. That photo of the two of them in the fort -- that's a keeper!!! You should get a hard copy and frame it for your daughter. Snow!!!

  5. "Some snow" -- haha! You Midwesterners ;-)

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