Friday, January 3, 2020

The creeping crud...

I'm feeling pretty great, but Micah's family has been sick. Headaches, sinus infection, coughs. Everyone experiencing slightly different symptoms. Hazel and Audrey had school on Thursday and Friday and both seemed well. Hopefully everyone will get better over the weekend. Poor Adam still has to go out and chop wood to stoke the outside woodstove. Such is life in the backwoods!

I've enjoyed the long Christmas vacation. Ours seems to be a little shorter than folks in other states, but then our kids don't start school until after Labor Day, so I think we shorten Christmas and Easter breaks.

Doing a lot of reading. I just finished A Light at the Window by Jan Karon. It's the second in her Mitford series. I think I'll read the whole series through while working on the two books below.
I read the Dayan autobiography in my early twenties when it first came out, and really loved it. I found this copy at the thrift store and grabbed it. He's what I would call a warrior poet. A really gifted writer. I'm reading slowly and pondering. The same with the Bonhoeffer book. I think the Mitford books will be good light reading, in contrast.

Here are a few cards I've finished lately.

A zentangle swap...

 ...and an Altered Playing Card swap. They just had to have a lady and some text on them. Let the imagination run wild.

It's dark out, but there are still lines of snowmobilers roaring by in the road ditches. Lots of folks must have taken the whole week off to go snowmobiling. I can only hear a faint whining when they pass by. We have a long driveway. Hope everyone stays safe out there!

Time for dinner, so I'll wave goodbye for now. Thanks for stopping by, and shalom to all! :)


  1. I hope you stay well and that everyone is feeling better soon! it's so nice to read books!

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  2. Sorry to hear Micah's family has been afflicted with various bugs. I hope you stay well. DH had the flu before Christmas which then turned into something worse. I managed to not get his germs and I'm so thankful. Now the poor man has dropped a heavy piece of wood on his foot and is hobbling around on crutches.
    I like your neat zentangles!

  3. Dearest Lisa, sister in Christ!

    What a mystic snow-photo in your header!

    We had the same last year in this time after Christmas, maybe a little bit less snow. And we don't know snow-mobiles here, only wintersports! :)

    I'm so sorry, that your family is ill!

    Here in Germany also the flue is going around. My friend-family in France were very ill during Christmas - Lena's Grandma Christiene had invited 16 persons into her house, and all got ill, one after another - - The flue does not accept any rules and borders :) !!

    Many greetings to you from Dori from the Bavarian Forest!

    I wish you a blessed time in this still young new year, and a happy and good and healthy 2020 for all your beloved!!

  4. So many of my clan went home sick after our glorious Christmas gathering. I'm among those still afflicted. I'm glad that you are well, reading, drawing, enjoying the winter sounds and sights from your cozy nest. May it continue so!

  5. Sounds cold and snowy where you are --and that photo at the top! Wow! That's some snow. When Adam sees photos like that from up north, he shivers and is thankful we live where we are, which is cold enough for him. That's some good reading!

  6. Hi Lisa! I'm glad YOU don't have the creeping crud. I'm so sorry your family has it.
    I'm still pondering Jolly's travel papers and envelope package (book). I'll find the right set up soon.

  7. Hi Lisa- lots of sickness here too, but all in one sixteen year old body, poor soul. It's nice to toddle along here and find your stoic joy! Greetings from a very stormy Ireland tonight, with a belated happy new year, and much love for all your projects and adventures x


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