Friday, February 14, 2020

Random stuff...

Random because the photos on my memory card seem to be displayed in no particular order. Some toward the top and others way at the bottom, even though they were all taken in the last few days. Oh well. 

We begin with visitors to the bird feeders. This was the first time I'd seen this rabbit out and about. He was enjoying fallen seeds. 

 And then TWO PILEATEDS at the same time! They must be a couple? Do they mate for life? I should do some Googling. Usually, when there are two pileateds about at the same time they chase each other away from the feeder. That's why I'm assuming they're a couple. But pretty exciting to get two in a photo!

Some APCs for a swap entitled "Females and Text". Those are the only requirements. 

ATCs for a "Unicorn" swap.
 A beautiful sunrise a few days ago...

 Audrey and Hazel having fun in the snow. These photos were taken the day after the ones of Audrey snowshoeing in the last post.

 Hazel got her first turn with the snowshoes. She did very well!

 She did have one crash, but she figured it out. :)

 Then Audrey had another turn.

We've had a cold spell the last two days. We skipped AWANA last night. Adam didn't want us driving at night with the cold temps. It was -26 yesterday morning. I haven't checked today. I think it's a little "warmer". We have a four day weekend from school.

And, last but not least, I went to a library book sale. Once again, with intentions to get only a few books. They wouldn't let me do that! The ten cent books were on sale. A box-full for 50 cents!! I asked her what qualified as a "box" and she pointed to a pile of boxes of varying sizes against one wall. "But," she said, "if you want to bring in a refrigerator box, that would be okay, too." They are absolutely swamped with donated books and are struggling to keep up. Well, I didn't get a fridge box. Just a medium-size rum box. I filled it up just as I was running out of time. Had to get back home to help with school pickup. But I also visited the "Literature" room (Many of the books are similar to some in the ten cent room. Organization is pretty casual.) and got a good stack from there, and some children's books. They were $1 per bag. The lady said she felt bad that I didn't completely fill my bag. Sorry! I didn't feel bad, lol. So, here are some pics. (You'll notice over the years I re-buy some titles, don't read them, re-donate them, re-buy them later, etc.)
Got several drawing books for the big girls. They had already taken two home with them. 

I couldn't pass this up! Eighty-two of Richard Scarry's stories. My grands aren't into him so much, but he brings back memories of my kids' childhood.

The Normal Christian Church Life-Watchman Nee; Rees Howells: Intercessor; The Believers; A Shortened History of England by Trevelyan

I read some of George MacDonald's "romances" a few years ago and loved them, but had sort of forgotten about them. This is two in one. Grabbed it! Then, This Side of Innocence by Taylor Caldwell. I've read a couple of her Bible based novels. Don't know if I'll like this book, but I LOVED the dust jacket (below)! Then Ex Libris by Anne Fadiman and Lost Island by Phyllis Whitney.

The Business of Heaven by C.S. Lewis. (You never know with "new" Lewis titles. They seem to be doing a lot of repackaging of his books and giving them different titles. I don't think this is something I've read. I wasn't taking any chances!) I've never read any of St. Augustine's writings, but I'm curious. Any opinions? I'll try some snippets and see what I think. :)

A Bridge for Passing by Pearl S. Buck (an autobio), The Pilgrim's Progress (The last copy I got at a sale said they had changed some of it because they didn't like the older theology, or some such thing. No thanks. I'll take it whole and untampered with!) Then there is The Reader (never heard of it) and The Hobbit, just 'cuz I want a copy on my shelves. I haven't actually read it since junior high. I just keep watching the movie over and over, lol. 

The Cloister Walk by Kathleen Norris (Have I already read this? Can't remember, so I got it. I know I read something of hers.) Tips for the Lazy Gardener, Twelve Baskets of Crumbs, because I love anything by Elizabeth Elliot! Miss Terri! by Evelyn Stenbock (a missionary story), and Mother Teresa: A Simple Path (I think it's an autobiography.)

The Chimes by Charles Dickens (curious), Dear Mad'm by Patterson (The story of an old lady who decides to live back in the mountains.) From the Orange Mailbox: Notes from a Few Country Acres by Clark. (Never heard of it.)

I'll be feasting on Mark Twain...if I get into these. I haven't read a lot of Twain, but once again, I'm curious to hear what he has to say on his travels. I'm sure it will be witty/sarcastic/smart alecky and probably kind of wise. Great Short Works of Mark  Twain/A Tramp Abroad/The Innocents Abroad.

I bought a few Austin novels. I have all of them on my Kindle, but I really prefer a real book. Especially a "real old" one! The top one contains Northanger Abbey and Persuasion. Then there's Emma. And the bottom one is Pride and Prejudice in a cool old binding. :)
 So, let me hear your opinions on any of these books you've read. I sometimes pick out some real duds, so I'm interested to know if there's something I'm wasting my time on. Comments welcome!
A pink sunset from a while back.
I think that's all for now. I've got a little headache today. Probably from all of those musty books I dragged home yesterday, lol. Oh well, they're worth it!

Thanks for stopping by for a visit! Love you all!


  1. Oh you hit the jackpot!! So many books, who cares if a few turn out to be duds. My boys adored Richard Scarry and if I remember correctly we had that exact book and wore it out.
    I better not find such a good deal on books because I FINALLY read all the books in my stack of unread ones. Okay, a few were more pictures than text ( like Ancient Ireland) but still...I have put most of them in the donate box. None were keepers.
    So nice to see Audrey and Hazel out enjoying the snow.
    Our snow is all gone now and although it was pretty I hope we don't get any more this winter. I am ready for Spring.
    Have a good week.


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  3. Oh, my, you will be feasting alright! Is it only because I had some coffee that I have got so excited about various things in your post? All those books! :-) I know I read at least part of The Cloister Walk, but a long time ago... I can see why it was hard for you to stop adding to your bag. I happened to be at my local library on the first day of their sale this month and I got six books for $5. They didn't have near the good offerings that you found.

    The woodpeckers are amazing! I rarely see a woodpecker at all but two big ones?? lovely. And just this morning my daughter in WI posted a picture of a rabbit in the snow outside her window :-) so that image has come to me twice in one day. I need to rest now.

  4. Have i admired your snow already this winter?! Sighs with longing! You have lots of cracking titles there - too many to talk about here. Just to say that Emma is my very favourite Jane Austen and i am going to see the new movie next Saturday. Excited!

  5. THat's a big pile of books, Lisa! Like you, I've read some of the old favorites: Hobbit, Pilgrim's Progress, all of Austen at some point. I love Elliot and like Lewis, but haven't heard of either of those. Sounds like a year full of reading! You must be fast. I don't think I could read all of that in the rest of my LIFE :)

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