Friday, June 26, 2020

The missing post...

A couple of days ago I tried to post a comment on Pom Pom's blog, and for some mysterious reason it showed up as a blog post on MY blog, instead of a comment on hers! So, if your blog roll said I had put up a new post, and you couldn't find it, it's because I realized the mistake and quickly deleted the post. But I guess it still shows up as a post. Anyhoo!

The "girls" come by every couple of days. They're so cute with their bulbous bodies and tiny heads. Sometimes I don't see them. I just hear them making their clucking and whirring sounds in the bushes.
Black cat, anyone? I'll mail them special delivery. We actually have four, and two grey tabbies. The mama cat, who's looking at the camera, is kind of odd. Her tail curls up over her back like a husky. One of her kitten's tails does the same.
I just finished this little novel that was published around 1912. Very saccharine sweet and full of moral teaching, but kind of fun to read. I got a stack of books similar to it from the thrift store that I will read eventually.
I bought this side table from the thrift store for $10. The little side table I had before got donated. It just wasn't big enough to hold enough "stuff". This one has little castors (spelling?). I think it's an antique. Cute anyway. ;)

Another thrift store find. I decided I needed a small vase for the all the little poseys the grandkids bring me. :)
Hazel made a fancy Father's Day card for her daddy.

And no blog would be complete without a few ATCs. These are for a Personal Profile swap. We're supposed to learn about the other player's interests by reading their profile on the site, then make cards to fit their interests.
The one on the left is for a gal who likes retro futuristic art. The one on the right is for a gal who likes vintage images.

These are self-explanatory, I think. That's a Loteria card on the right.

These are the backs of the two collaged cards I showed first. The retro futuristic lady also likes clowns, lol. 
We've been having great weather and I've been walking most days. I took today off because I was very tired and wondered if I might not have to take a break from walking every five days or so.

I might go out and do a tiny bit of mowing before the mosquitos come out. You guys enjoy your summer!

Shalom and love to all!


  1. I was a bit confused about the missing blog post.
    Nice antique side table. There's never enough room on a little table for all the 'stuff' we want close at hand.
    You found the perfect colour of flowers to put in your cute 'new' vase.

  2. Hallo, dear Lisa, I saw. that there was something "wrong" with the last post, but now everything is normal again, and so I found without problems this nice summerpost with the funny "girls" in your garden, the funny cat-family, the wonderful card of Hazel - talented like Grandma Lisa - and the acts and books, which follow you in your blessed life.

    Many greetings from the Bavarian Forest from Dori

  3. Granny Marigold is right:

    You found the perfect colour of flowers to put in your cute 'new' vase.


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