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Monday, April 29, 2013

The Diva's Challenge #116-Blind String...

This was a much more zen-like experience than last week's challenge, which I WAY over-tried on! Anyway, here's my zentangle using a blind string...(Gee, I probably could've used this one for Earth Day!)

I had punched holes in these pages to put them in a cute little notebook, but didn't like the results. Too small and cramped. But not a bad size for zentangling, though not regulation.

To see more zentangle wonders go to The Diva's blog! They're just fun to look at! :D

Shalom and have a great day!


  1. Very nice. This one reminds me of earth's strata, a river, and then more earth above the river.

  2. It does represent the elements of earth in a rich way! I love it!

  3. Nice job. I like the Zander border and the Antidots/Purk combination. The color for the stream is a very pleasant touch.

  4. Love your color choices and the Zander border. Nice and organic. This is a soothing piece to me! Could stare at it for a good while!

    Be happy :)

    Jacque Solomon


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