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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Back to the Sea swap...

I really enjoyed this swap. I think animals are my favorite subjects to draw. These will be hard to mail off but I think, ultimately, it's more fun to share them than to keep them cooped up in a sketchbook!

Sea Dragon (the coolest undersea animal ever!)
Hermit Crab
Lion Fish

Sea Star
Another fun swap completed!
I also completed a swap called Invaded Pictures. This was more of a collage challenge so I wasn't sure I even wanted to post them here since they weren't drawn...but...I think I will!
The idea was to take a picture from a magazine and add something unexpected.




So there you go!
Now I'm headed over to Backwoods Crazy Quilt!

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  1. YOU are flourishing with your art, Lisa! I love your animals!


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