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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Drawing whimsical houses...

I hope it's not too boring that all I do is post pics of my current ATC swaps. I'm kind of doing it to keep a record. Since I'm mailing these off to the ends of the earth, and a lot of effort goes into them, I just can't bear to not keep photos of them. I tell myself they may give me ideas for greeting cards or something like that in the future. Not committing to that, but it's an interesting thought. :)

SO, here are my cards for the Whimsical Houses swap! (Drum roll...)

Actually, I store copies of these photos in my gallery at ATCs for All, here, and in a Facebook photo album, besides in my computer. I don't trust technology! YEARS ago a site where I had created a little homeschooling webpage (before there was such a thing as blogs) was discontinued. After spending at least a couple of years compiling all sorts of homeschool information, they just decided to change to a different format and my webpage was changed (ruined) beyond recognition. The changeover never did work. So NOW I'm hoping there's safety in numbers of places to store things. Of course, any of this can disappear, too. If that happens you just have to let go. You can't take it with you.
Thanks for looking, listening and dropping by!

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