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Monday, September 7, 2015

Carousel Horse #2...

Here's my second entry in the Horse Lovers Unite swap. I'm having fun with these carousel horses!

I worked hard this weekend. It's the last hoorah for most tourists in our lake-filled area and that means lots of work keeping up with their demands for a very understaffed deli. I think I'm finally learning to chill out a little and not let it get to me so much. Well, most of the day, anyway. :)  You know, we never stop learning or growing as long as we live. My mom said something to the effect that, "The condition of our spirit determines our eternal destiny, but the condition of our soul (mind, will, emotions) determines our destiny on earth." When we accept Jesus's sacrificial death as the atonement for our sins our spirit becomes perfect in God's eyes and we are able to come into His presence for eternity. But our soul is transformed little by little as we lay down our will and ask for His will to be done in our lives. That's why the world is filled with irritating, imperfect Christians. This transformation will take a life-time and won't be finished until we see Him face-to-face, at which time He will finish the work. Come, Lord Jesus!

Speaking of unfinished work... These piles are old homeschool papers and my teacher journals. I had high hopes of going through them and saving only a few things which would fit in the 3-ring binders to the left. I quickly realized I wasn't throwing much out. All my kiddos sweet school work! I did get rid of some math and language art drill type papers, but must keep art and original writing. And my journals are hard to throw as well. They show how hard my students worked! So, I'll probably end up stacking them in a big tote for safekeeping. I still have lots of photo work to do, too. I just feel a need to organize all these memories for the kids. When I'm gone they have instructions to do what they want with them. :)

I've visited all of my blog buddies today except MK at her Red Robin Farm blog, and I'll hop over there next. Thankfully, my day off fell on Labor Day, so I'm enjoying myself at home.

Mags's cup of coffee made me want one, so I may brew up a cup of decaf.

Enjoy your Labor Day or just Monday, whichever applies!

Shalom to all.


  1. We don't have Labor Day! Presumably it's a day when there is no labour?? I came to chat about your horse, but I'm too taken with your Robin Hood! Happy Day After Labor Day Day x

  2. We're enjoying a lovely Labour Day ( not that holiday weekends mean much when one is retired) , wasn't sure if the US also had the same. I did laundry as usual because I'm such a person who enjoys routine. AND my DIL and son do laundry the rest of the week. I have forgotten how much laundry kids make. Mind you, my 3 boys wore the same pair of jeans all week to school, changing to play pants when they got home.I always thought if they wore a clean shirt and socks every day that was the main thing.

    Love your Mom's wise words. Really am liking your carousel horses too. Someday you'll retire and devote yourself more to sketching and painting. Won't that be great>

  3. Lovely new horse! They fit to you!

    You are so right: we always have to learn and try to fulfill God's will. For this we need His help. Otherwise we are lost, but Jesus Christ loves all, who are unable to be perfect and gives them His grace and salvation in eternity.

    Holy Francis from Assisi said: "Lord, I have done, what I could, the rest may give your grace."

    Good night, dear sister in Christ!

  4. Horse number 2 is great, Lisa!
    I'm glad things will slow down at the deli.

  5. Lisa, I am so sorry those tourism folks are horrid. Why add to stress, eh? Your artwork gets better and better!

  6. Love your mom's quote. And your awesome carousel horse. :)

  7. Hey, sweetie! I'm catching up on blog reading today. My fourth day off of work b/c of the flooding. Schools still closed. But we have sunshine. You and I are so alike in our response to home life and work life :) Yep. And I also am looking at boxes and bags full of teaching materials (from homeschool and classroom), not wanting to throw anything out. What if I needed it again for some reason? Would I want to do all that work again? So there it sits.


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