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Sunday, September 27, 2015

New book and art...

Just to update my record of art I'm doing for the Sketchbook Project. Here are the two I did today. As I mentioned earlier, this project is beginning to lose my interest (I'm SO ADD!), so I'm trying to do a couple at a time to get finished! The deadline isn't until March 31, 2016, but that just draws things out all the more. Anyway, I'm GONNA finish! :)

I did the deer in ballpoint pen because watercolors bleed through so much on this paper. I may do more of that!
This Paul Bunyan statue is just 5 miles down the road. I've sat in his hand several times. Visiting grandchildren must be photographed with him. :)

I just got  a new Elizabeth Gaskell book for my Kindle. It's called The Moorland Cottage and I'm really liking it. She has some keen insights into human nature.
As I read, a batch of Cowboy Cookies is baking.
Are they called Cowboy Cookies because it only takes one to fill up a cowboy? I think so!
I'm trying to squeeze as many delights into my day off as I can! I hope you're having a good Sunday as well. :)
Shalom, all!


  1. Dear Lisa, you created two very beautiful new drawings in your book! I love them, they have "aura"!

    Cowboy-crookies are a good hobbit-food in autumn!

  2. My DH tells me we saw that large statue of Paul Bunyan when we were on a short trip from Manitoba where we lived at that time. 49 years ago. I'm afraid I don't remember the statue but I do remember that we left our little one with a relative and it was the first time we'd done so.
    The picture on the cover of "The Moorland Cottage" looks just like a picture my Mom had hanging in the LR . I think it was a Helen Allingham picture.
    Your white tail deer is so well done and I can only imagine all the time the shading took!!
    Hope you did have a good day.

    1. I'm not sure how long this statue has been here. I've lived here for 26 years and it had been here quite a while before that. It's very possible you saw it! Thanks for the kind comment on the deer drawing. :)

  3. i've been enjoying your Sketchbook Project drawings!! that's the way to do it, a few at a time.

    those cookies look yummy!!

  4. Recently I bought a Paul Bunyan book at the thrift store and took it to my daughter's house last week for the kids. My grandson asked me to read it, and I quickly got through four chapters in one sitting. I noticed mention of the Red River Valley, and that didn't seem to fit, but after I shut the book my son-in-law, who knows incredible amounts of history and geography (and who had been listening along), offered that the Red River that is mentioned is truly in Paul Bunyan country, not in Texas where the more familiar Red River Valley is sung about by cowboys, and that it is one of the longest rivers in the USA that runs north, in this case into Canada.

    You probably knew all that! I used to love Paul Bunyan when I was a child, and my grandson seemed to be soaking it up, probably turning over the whole Tall Tale phenomenon and mystery in his six-year-old mind....

    1. Very cool! Yes, the Red River runs between Fargo, ND and Moorhead, MN, about 90 miles from us. Lots of areas of MN claim Paul as their own. It's kind of confusing! :)

  5. 'squeeze as many delights into my day off' ... I like that! me too!
    I will do a post about conkers as I assumed everyone had them! some corners of the world obviously don't - you don't know what you're missing! Also curry - I wish you could try some - would you like a recipe? I am not sure if you can get ingredients easily. We are lazy and use a paste ready made from a jar (Pataks). Betty x

    1. I'm such a lazy cook that I probably wouldn't get around to it. But it looks so exotic and colorful! :) Yes, I would like to know more about conkers. I've heard the word in English novels, but figured they were some sort of nut.


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