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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Carousel horses...

I'm just starting on an ATC swap called Equine Lovers Unite! I do like to draw horses, so I jumped right in. The horses can be real or imaginary, such as Pegasus, unicorns, etc. I've decided to do carousel horses because they are very brightly colored and kind of exaggerated in their poses. This is my first...

It's Miss Hazel's third birthday today. I had lots of fun shopping for all sorts of little games and gadgets to fill her birthday bag. I'm going to go over tomorrow after work to give her my presents. There's a party tonight, but it will work better for me tomorrow, and that way she can have two birthdays! :)

I hear thunder rumbling in the distance, so I'll cut this short. I like to unplug my computer when things get stormy. And my battery dies shortly thereafter. :P

Y'all enjoy your Labor Day weekend! I'll be laboring, but I've made it halfway! :) Monday off!



  1. Aren't we happy to have Monday off? Yippee! I love thunderstorms. L.ove the sound, and knowing something big is coming. I love the comfort of the rain. It makes me feel cozy and nested inside my house. Have fun with your horses -- that's a good choice for painting!

  2. I like your fine drawing of the horse-head! Waiting for more! I work on iron-horses now! Happy birthday to Hazel!

    Hope, the Thunderstorm was not too heavy!

  3. YOU ARE GOOD AT HORSES! VERY good! I didn't mean to raise my voice, just wanted to emphasize! Smile.
    Birthdays are SO fun! I love eating cake.


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