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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

My awesome art buddy!

It's Christmas any time of the year when a package arrives from my art buddy!

I tried to disguise our identities via Picmonkey so we wouldn't get spammed by the webiverse. It didn't work very well.  :)

Pom, you always know what will delight my artistic heart! Such an array of goodies! I love the art here, and I'll have fun filling the little journal. Maybe I'll use those markers!

Love the Little Golden books! I'll thoroughly enjoy reading them to my grands, and to myself as well as poring over the beautiful illlstrations. The bookmark is so unique. I'll have to figure out how to operate it! :) Your letters are always a treat...
 ...with all that beautiful Pom Pom art!

 Nice! A tea party waiting to happen. I was just thinking about using my Brown Betty to brew some tea. Now I'm all set! I love the Corrie Ten Boom book mark. Inspirational!
 You knew I would love to read about "3 Amazing Cabin Homes", and much more!
 Yes, I will have so much fun reading this book and trying my hand at art journaling. They talk about finding the sacred in the ordinary. That's one of my goals.
 You always find such a wonderful selection of art. I really must get some frames and hang these where I will see them often. They make me want to paint!

 I've been hearing a lot about Elizabeth Elliot lately. I look forward to reading this article.
Thank you so much, Pom! You have the gift of encouragement, and I thank you for sharing that gift with me. Anyone else needing some cheering up can find it easily on Pom's blog! Deep thoughts and cheerful photos abound. :)

Time for some supper, and then I'll play with my new toys! :)

Shalom all!


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you like your artsy treats! The package came to you very quickly and that makes me happy! Yay for the USPS!

    1. I'm loving the art journaling book...and everything! Thanks a million, my friend! I was amazed at how quickly it got here! :)

  2. Christmas in September!!! I love your treasures. My favourites are the magazine ( must look for it here) and that sheet of paper doll ( Lilla Dorrit. Never heard of her before). Pom's sketches are sweet. Between you and her there is a lot of talent.

    1. Pom has sent me several paperdolls during our exchanges. I think my grands are finally big enough to play with them, so I'd better get to work cutting them out! :)

  3. Ha. I just noticed the card on the left of the one with the paper doll, the one where the beetles appear to be having tea. I noticed the greeting is in German and I knew the word herzlichen meant heart-felt but couldn't remember what Pfingsten was. My dictionary told me it meant Whitsuntide which I had no clue about. Eventually I got the answer ( Pentecost, of course). Do you speak German? Low German was my first language but I've lost most of it through neglect. Church was in High German though.

    1. I'm almost 100% German, but don't speak a word of it. I wondered what the words meant. Thanks for the interpretation! :)

  4. Receiving a gift from someone who gives you what they know you'll enjoy is a rare thing. Such love. :)

  5. You have very nice and mindful friends. Greetings to Pom Pom!

  6. Truly Christmas in September, Lisa! What a wonderful package you have received with some beautiful art in it too. I love your header painting of the horse!


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