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Thursday, September 10, 2015

New skirt!

The UPS guy left a package on my porch today. I ordered two skirts from Amazon a few days ago, and here is the first one to arrive!

It's a one-size-fits-all skirt, so I was a bit concerned. But the waist band is pretty stretchy and it fits fine. My only complaint is that I don't look as skinny as the model. Oh well... I love the tie-dyed look and the shade of green. Here's a link to info on it in case you like it, too. And here's a link to a picture of the second skirt. I hope I like it as much!

Just popped in to share my joy! :)

Have a great evening! The weekend is coming fast. I hope to enjoy it in a leisurely manner.



  1. How fun to get a new skirt! I'll go over and see the other one, too.

  2. I like the second one even more than the first. I love the description "embroidered Gypsy Bohemian long cotton" How can one not love that? I own exactly one skirt, as long as those are and pure black. My little grandson says Granny, you really like black, don't you? I do.

  3. Wonderful skirt, Lisa!!!

    I really LOVE the horse at the beginning of your lovely friendly and hopeful blog.

  4. I adore those kinds of skirts! My favorite -- easy, comfy, no ironing, feminine!! I think I prefer the second one b/c it looks much longer. I like skirts about to my ankle, if I can get them :) Both are so pretty though!


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