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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Ladies in Lavender...

For fans of Dame Maggie Smith and Dame Judith Dench, this is a sweet little movie, full of English cottagey-ness and atmosphere. I watched this some years back, and didn't remember much of it, so it was like watching it for the first time, lol.

Here's the link. Embedding was disabled so I can't post the video here.

Ladies in Lavender

I had to actually work this weekend. My muscles stood up and took notice. I'm looking forward to some drawing, painting and reading.

Now just for the sake of having a photo in this post, I'll show you a really bad painting of a wine bottle I made for one of my swap friends.

Everyone have a nice week! I'll be back when I have more to say. :)
And now for that ugly painting, lol.


  1. I must see if the library has Ladies in Lavender and if so, request it. I always appreciate recommendations for books and/or movies.

  2. I'm like you, I saw Ladies in Lavender ages ago and don't really remember it very well. I'll have to watch it later. I do remember the music was very nice though.

  3. I think I remember that movie. I'll have to look it up again. Thanks for bringing it to mind. You should see some of my ugly paintings. At least you have nice shadows and light!

  4. Oh, my goodness - your link took me right to the movie and I got caught up in the drama immediately - had to hit Pause because I don't have time for it right now, but I will definitely come back!


  5. Just had to tell you how much I enjoyed Ladies in Lavender. Thank you for posting about it.

  6. Not an ugly painting at all. I am impressed! My dad told me that when I could draw a perfect milk bottle I could take art. Well, it turned out I didn't have to do that. I took art in HS. How's the diet? I fell off mine. I was trying so hard to eliminate sweets. Have a blessed new week.


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