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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Puttin' on my big girl pants!

Well, it may not seem all that impressive to anyone else, but I got a couple of tasks out of the way this morning.

It's that time of year to reapply for school loan repayment plans. I always dread doing it, and it's always a lot easier than I expect. Well, the first couple of years, it seems like, I had some rough spots, but no problem this time. I was a little unclear how to handle the fact that I'm going to make less money in the coming year, but I decided to just let them use the numbers from my 2015 tax return. I only make a small payment, so it will be okay. I might have paid less or nothing if I'd wanted to talk to a real person and ask questions! :)

Next, I traveled over to the AAA website and got some roadside assistance coverage. I've been meaning to do this for a while. Being a single lady, it's good to know help is there if you need it. Of course, I have some wonderful, helpful family members I can call, but I like to have extra backup! Also, it will be good to have for our road trip this summer. I will encourage the kids to do likewise.

While I was at the AAA site I also got an auto insurance quote. It looks like I can get the same coverage for $20+/mth less and the deductibles are half of what I would pay with my current plan. Some of my kids have E-surance and recommend it. I may check it out. Anyone have any opinions?

Now I just have taxes to tackle. This is the first year I've gotten social security. I'm not sure how that's handled. I've sent an email to my step-dad, who's been helping me with my taxes since my hubby passed away, but if any of you have knowledge you'd like to share, please do. Does Social Security send me some kind of form for tax purposes? I know I have until April 18, but I like to get things done as early as I can.

Micah and Adam are looking into the possibility of renting a larger van so I can ride along with them on our trip to Texas for Jordan's wedding. Sounds good to me!

I must have a photo in this post! This is not a great shot of these cards. They're for the "Inchie, Twinchie, Moo" swap. An inchie is 1" square; a twinchie is 2" square, and a moo is 1"x2-3/4" (I think). I finished them with some glossy gel medium after I took this picture, so they're shiny and it brings out the colors more.

Well, I should get to the post office before time to help with the grandkids. I've got a deli meeting at 7p.m. and we have a birthday party on Thursday for some people in the building. I'm bringing the buns! :D So glad they're including me in the helping!

You all have a great day!


  1. I've heard of inchies but twinchies and moos are new to me!!

    It is nice to get necessary jobs done, even if they're a pain. Hope that income taxes don't prove to be a problem. Luckily our son does ours for us ( and ends up doing some of his siblings and niece's as well).

  2. Hallo, Lisa, very brave you take different informations for "life is not possible without money". You are early in time and you keep always quiet. This is my great admiration! It's good, that you have friends and family and own ideas! Nice plan to go with the VAN together with your children to Texas to the marriage!

  3. Somehow in the header I see YOU with the big white horse, firm and soft going through the winter-storm, leading the big good horse.

  4. The only helpful words I have are regarding car insurance. We found over the years that it was good to look for cheaper insurance every couple of years. If you stick with one company, gradually they increase your premiums until you're really paying more than you should. A new company will offer better rates, as you found. Also, if you end up moving, car insurance varies quite a bit from place to place. So if you move, be sure to get new quotes. Good luck!


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