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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Tweakin' the diet...

Or, should I say, discarding it for something else? Aw, that was just a fad, you guys (and y'all)! Actually, I did such a good job of throwing stuff out that I'm still kind of eating that way, but I did buy some milk, oatmeal, sugar and herbal tea at my little local grocery. I plan to use the milk and sugar sparingly. I thoroughly enjoyed a warm bowl of oatmeal with raspberries. I have missed creamy, warm foods on this diet.

I had some blood tests done this week and found out my cholesterol is at 240. My Seventh Day Adventist doctor (vegetarian) just calmly said, "Best thing is a plant-based diet." How did I know he'd say that? Dr. Erickson has been our family doctor for about 28 years. I'm not sure how up he is on the latest medical advances, but I prefer his country doctor ways to his more modern counterparts. So, I told him I'd work on that, though I'd probably get some meat in there somewhere. He was cool with that.

So, as I'm prone to do, I ran off to Amazon and ordered a couple of books! Now, I have to say, I didn't have a lot of faith in the paleo people. Most of them seemed to just be ordinary folks who had read a few books and decided to write one of their own. But I've read some books by DOCTOR Don Colbert, and I think he knows a thing or two. I ordered What Would Jesus Eat? and The Seven Pillars of Health. At least with Don you get to eat from all of the food groups! As MK reminded me in the comments, any improvement in our diets will help. I plan to glean some good stuff from these books, but not be too obsessive about it. And, now, I'll stop boring you with what I'm eating. :)

Instead, I'll tell you about my exercising, ha ha ha! Actually, I've exercised several times this week. I've done my 30 minute aerobic workout twice, and I did a 54 minute long "chair yoga for seniors" workout. I think I'll also spring for a membership at the Nevis Fitness Center. A few of the gals from the building work out there.

Otherwise, I've been doing a little babysitting and artwork. I work this weekend at the deli, but I'm cogitating about my options.

I made three more cards for the Insect swap...

 Thanks to Pom for sharing about Susan Branch's visit to the Holy Nativity Convent! This was so fascinating that I'm putting a link here. What a creative bunch of ladies, and the photos are gorgeous. Don't miss it!

I think I'm going to go read! My humble thanks to anyone who actually read this post. Not the most exciting. Hope you're all well!
God bless and lots of shalom to everyone!


  1. I think you'll fare better on this less restrictive diet. I eat meat about twice a year ( turkey at Thanksgiving and again at Christmas) otherwise I eat fruit, veg, and make plain meals of lentils etc.. Also bread...have to have some form of bread every day.
    With this icy weather I have really missed walking. Can't wait to get back into that again.
    I enjoyed the post about Holy Nativity Convent. I'd love to visit them.Take care,

  2. Lisa, I think moderation in all things is the way to go. I don't eat a lot of meat. In fact, I am trying to get off the sugar diet that the holidays brought on. I eat out a lot b/c I don't like to cook, especially for just me. I try to get lots of veggies when I eat out. I also just bought a "slab" of salmon, which I cut into mealsize pieces and froze. They thaw quickly and I grill them in my George Foreman grill. My cholesterol is borderline, just over the 200 mark, but I don't think it is from food. Trying to exercise in cold weather is not easy. I have a treadmill, which I have tried to use every day for about a week now. BTW, I love the insect drawings. Very nice.

    1. I need to get a George Foreman grill. My kids all have one! (My maiden name is Foreman, so George and I must be cousins?) I'm in total agreement with you on the whole food thing! :)

    2. Be sure to get the kind with removable grill plates so you can clean up the mess really easily. My first one could not be dunked in water b/c the plates didn't come out. It was awful to try to get clean.

  3. Dear Lisa, please dont worry too much about cholesterin - just live healthy, eat different things you like, not too fat. Move naturally; I think, your family keeps you moving enough :))))

    I really like the idea: "What would Jesus eat"!

    My husband is a doctor, and he says I should not worry too much about cholesterin.

    Enjoy your special Lisa-eating-plans! Write your own fast-book!?!

  4. Your doc's diet sounds vegan...more power to him. I believe in "God's diet" which is 'moderation' haha. Women don't eat enough protein and eat too much carbs and sugar. I don't eat a lot of sugar but do need to curb my carbs.
    It's 12 above zero so the only walking I'm doing is to the barn. Maybe. I might use the Ranger...come to think of it, probably will to minimize the chance of a slip fall.
    Happy Holydays, Lisa!

  5. I read it! I like hearing about what people like to eat. Our diet is getting a tweak too -- mostly meat and veggies and a little fruit. Oatmeal occasionally. I like oatmeal too. I've been reading the book "Could It Be B12" and it's so fascinating (about how so many people need more B12 to fix their ailments). Don't skip your meat. (That's my humble advice.)
    Love your bugs. Why did you choose the potato bug, my dear? I don't like them guys!!

    1. Don't know what possessed me to draw that potato bug. I don't like them, either! :)

  6. Just thinking about what Jesus would eat... I haven't read the book, but there are all sorts of foods mentioned in the Bible and I think he probably ate what all the other Jews ate... mutton, fish, grains, fruits, but probably not broccoli. LOL!


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