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Monday, September 11, 2017

Checking in...

I see it's been a while since I've posted, so I thought I'd put a little something up and visit some blogs today. I'm feeling like I'm coming down with a cold, so I don't have much oomph, so this will probably be short.

Josh and I are enjoying our time together despite the stressful circumstances that surround his being here. He and I are endeavoring to trust God for the outcome, and Josh isn't giving up on his marriage. We've got a little routine going. He's doing a lot of his online work from the library, but today he's enjoying a beautiful morning on the deck where he's getting good internet reception. I hope the weather will permit him to do that often. He will probably be here for a while. One other thing has cropped up. His drivers license has expired and nobody seems able to help him renew it from Kentucky or from this end. The problem is that he has a commercial license because he drove a school bus for a while. He wants to drop that and get a regular license. The lady in Kentucky said that type of license has to be handled in person. In this day and age of computers, fax machines, etc. this is pretty ridiculous. He's still going to try to get the paperwork sent here so he can sign it in front of a notary. Do they expect him to drive back to KY to do this? (With no license?) I'll take him if I have to, but there SHOULD be a way to handle this remotely.

Anyway, we're doing well overall, watching movies, reading good books, and he's doing some running and will go to taekwondo class tonight to help out his old instructor. He's trying to do some socializing instead of just hibernating.

Audrey started first grade last week. Sorry, I missed posting that!
Audrey and cousin Cali.

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Then on Sunday Hazel and Sully celebrated their birthdays. Hazel's is the 5th and Sully's is the 10th. This is the only birthday picture Micah's posted so far. I'm sure there will be more to come. She had a party at the park with some friends. They played at the park, whacked a Spiderman pinata (Spiderman was the theme of the party), dressed up as superheros (that was Hazel's idea), and ate cake and ice cream. There were lots of presents and fun...and wasps. I hiked down the block to the grocery store and bought a flyswatter and we were good. :)
Sully enjoying his birthday cupcake. :)
Today was Hazel's first day of preschool! She was all excitement. I'm glad to live in a small town where the kids already have a friend or two when they start school. They also discover that they're related to a lot of their classmates, lol. Hazel's teacher is also familiar because she taught ECFE. Hazel will go two days a week, so that's a good intro to school. Audrey offered to walk Hazel to her class, but of course Mama Micah wanted to do that for the first day. Audrey is such a good big sister!

Here's the latest art...

These four were for a Crayon swap. Not my best or favorite type of swap...

 The next four were for a Pick-a-Theme swap.
Theme: Wildflowers

Theme: Dragon

Theme: Lighthouse

Theme: Angel
 This one was an individual trade.She wanted a Tim Burton character.
 This was for the September 5x7 Canvas Swap.
 And another individual trade. She wanted a Jim Henson character.
Well, I'm off to the post office, so I'll stop for now. When I get back I want to do some blog visiting. Happy Fall, everyone! :)


  1. God bless you both! It's good to socialize! I hope for better for Josh and his family!

  2. I bet being with you and resting in love is the best for Josh right now. I love the light house!

  3. I hope things work out for Josh, both in his marriage and also the driver's license problem.

    I really like the chicken and the lighthouse, although all your pictures are great.

  4. In Texas when you change addresses you have to renew your license with that address! I just found your blog and enjoyed reading about your life.

    1. Well, the problem is he's only here temporarily. He plans to return to Kentucky in a couple of months. Hopefully we'll get it figured out. :)

  5. Hallo, dear Lisa, I am so glad about all these enlightening messages of and about a family trusting in the Lord and never falling from His Grace and Love!

    Sweet photos of he children! Congratulation for Audrey!!

  6. And happy Autumn from here to you x It is darkening and blustery here, though that just reminds me to pray for hurricane places. You're having a busy family time- may it be blessed xx

  7. Lisa, my heart hurts for you and for Josh. It's so hard. May God carry him along, and may you also find comfort as you watch your child hurt. I hope she changes her mind and wants to work at her marriage!
    The little girls look so cute, starting school. You're right that a small town is a true blessing when your kids are in school. Everybody knows everybody. I think it makes for a safer environment, and better teaching too.

  8. Lisa, some really neat pieces of art. The hen is amazing. I also love the lighthouse. Somehow sons are so special and yet when they marry, often we seldom get to do things just with them. So enjoy the time together even though it is because of a difficult situation.

  9. I love your chicken ATC !
    So glad you have your dear grandchildren close.


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