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Friday, March 9, 2018

Finished painting...

I don't have much to post about, but I did finish the little ATC landscape for the contest. And here it is! :)
A while back one of the other ATC people sent me what we call a pocket letter. It's another kind of trade where you send someone a nine-pocket vinyl baseball card page filled with little trinkets and treats. This gal sent me some adorable little cut-out figures and I just love them, but couldn't find quite the right project to use them. I decided to use them to make some bookmarks to give another lady for our monthly RAK (Random Act of Kindness). This lady lost her husband just a few weeks ago, so I sent her a sympathy card and these two little bookmarks. I took lots of photos of them before sending them off so I can try to replicate them later. I think they're so pretty! Here are the bookmarks.

 This is the happy, chaotic mess on my kitchen table! :)
I figure if I get some stuff out I might think of a way to use it. I've stamped some of my images on ATC's and now I'm hoping to figure out how to use them as collage backgrounds. I don't "think" in collage terms, but I keep trying. LOL.

It's a bright, sunny day. Still snowy out, but a hint of spring in the air. Thanks for stopping by and I'll be visiting you soon...if you have a blog, that is. ;)

God bless all.


  1. those are very pretty bookmarks! It is good to spread kindness and care to others! I love your art! I feel the same way about my sewing - if I was able to keep it out, it may actually happen :) - I am not able to = but hopefully one day things will be better.

  2. Lisa, your ATC of the mountain scene is so beautiful. I feel like I'm back in Montana or Colorado or somewhere. And the bookmarks are a wonderful idea. I'm sure they are appreciated.

  3. So nice bookmarks - a wonderful present from heart!

    My big joy: This wonderful now finishes watercolour with some ink! Really beautiful! More beauty than in the photo! :) Your trees send some greetings to my trees :)

    I like your creative table. This is to be an artist!

    The stamps are very nice and have such good forms, just friendly!

  4. I like your watercolor/ink picture! And your bookmarks and I really love your happy, chaos! It makes me smile.

  5. Nice bookmarks and something almost everyone can use more of.
    I've seen some of those pocket letters and they were works of art!!

  6. I love your stamping in that last photo. How kind of you to send something sweet to your grieving friend! The bookmarks are very nice. Looking at your kitchen table, I tried to recall if you had a spot for the kitchen table in your new cottage diagram. I've seen people with little houses who have a small dining table that's attached to the wall with a couple of sturdy hinges (usually under a window), so the table will fold down against the wall when not in use, but lifts up (with a leg under it) for eating ... or crafting. I always liked that idea, although my tables always look like yours, and I can't imagine never needing them up, haha.

  7. That's so true about getting our "stuff" out so we use it and make amazing works of art with it!


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