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Friday, August 10, 2018

Short and sweet...

Micah said, "Mrs. Doubtfire came by to clean the house..." Ha ha haaaaa! :) If Sully doesn't make you smile...well, I don't know what to say.
I gathered a few items on my walk the other day. Fruitful fall is on the way?
That's just a single butterfly wing that was laying on the ground. Collage material!

I've dried the flowers and they turned out very pretty. I pressed the leaves on the right also, but I'm not sure if they'll retain their color. Probably not?
These are little "inchies". They have Japanese text as a base. Layered over that I have mulberry paper, and then I glued on the dried flowers. Then another layer of varnish. I think they're cute. I'm sure I'll make more. These are up for grabs at the ATC site.
I have a birthday party tomorrow for a church acquaintance (featuring karaoke!) and then our monthly church potluck on Sunday. I'll be doing some cookie baking and prep work today for those two events. Other than that, reading and resting.

 God bless you all and have a shalom-full weekend!


  1. "Mrs Doubtfire" does make me laugh! And your butterfly wing made me review the difference between a Viceroy and a Monarch, and I think yours is from a Monarch :-)

    I love your inchies!

  2. Funny and cute picture too! I hope you have a good weekend! Baking, reading and resting all sound lovely!

  3. I love how you arranged the Oak leaves, acorns etc.. in the second photo. Beautiful.
    Yes, Sully makes me smile. He's so intent on what he's doing.

  4. Sully is soooo sweeeet! Your art-papers with dry plants are charming! Your joy is shining!

  5. Mrs. Doubtfire is adorable!
    I'm glad you're busy making art, Lisa!

  6. Reading and resting sounds fabulous. We packed up a camping trip a night early in July because of tent new neighbours and their speakers. Enjoy your baking x

  7. Pretty collection from your nature walk! I like the pressed flower Japanese squares. Keep resting and reading :)


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