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Saturday, November 3, 2018

A house and some cards...

For those who aren't interested in house construction this might be less than...interesting. Just wanted to post these for a couple who are interested. There'll be a few APC pics afterwards. That's all I can promise today, lol.

So, Glenn and Mark, I wandered around in Micah and Adam's house the other day and took a few photos. My battery died before I could take shots of the master bedroom and bathroom. These are already out of date because the mudder and taper guys have begun working, woo hoo! Eventually, if I can get my little video recorder on my camera figured out I'll try to do a video of the inside. We'll see if that happens. I'll wait until the M&T's (mudders and tapers) are finished.

Front of the house (south)
Back of the house (north side, facing to the west) Adam and his dad just got the soffit up. If you look past the end of the house that white object is my trailer.
Here I've entered the east door, which will be leading in from the garage...when there is a garage. Sort of a mudroom.
Here I've walked through the mudroom and have my back to the sliding glass doors you can see in the photo above. I'm standing in the dining/kitchen area facing the front door. That stud wall will be some sort of peninsula. I'm thinking the stove will be over there somewhere. The rest of the kitchen is to my left out of the photo along the north wall. The doorway over the half-wall is the door to the master bedroom.
Okay, here I'm looking to the left. The kitchen will also go along the left hand wall back to that doorway into the mudroom. The door to the right of the ladder is a pantry/utility room.
Here I've swung my camera to the right (still standing by the sliding doors) This is the hallway back to the kids rooms and bathroom. The living room area is to the left of the photo. I kind of skipped it, lol. Where that black trashcan is in the background there will be a fireplace with insert on that wall. Adam has plans to do a lot of rock work there, but that will happen later. They're trying to get enough done to move in and then they'll do more.
This is the living room ceiling, or part of it. It comes to a peak. Adam's stepdad, who is an electrician, did all the electrical work. He loves can lights! I think the ones to the right are curved because of the fireplace? You can see the front door with side windows and the living room window.
This is the hallway from the living room into the kids' rooms.
This is the girls' room. They'll have two sets of bunks.
Stepping into the girls' room and looking left, here is the closet and an alcove. It's really a pretty good size. Sully will probably sleep in here, too, for a while and they'll use his room for toys. The new baby will share Mom and Dad's room for a while. :)
The kids' bathroom.
Sully's room/toy room.
As I said, my battery died so I didn't get pics of the master bedroom and bathroom. They're pretty spacious, and the new baby will bunk in there for a year or so. All the junk has been cleared out for the M&T's and some mudding has been done. The kids' bathroom will be finished before they move in.

It's frustrating trying to show it in photos, so I'll attempt a video at some point. (Or Micah will!)

Okay, so here are my latest APCs. (I'm not sure if that stands for Altered Playing Cards or Artist Playing Cards. I've seen it both ways.)

These are supposed to be done on the Aces, and the theme was Birds. :)

Well, time is short at the library today since they close early, so I'll say farewell for now. Thanks for stopping by. Love and shalom to all y'all folks out there! :)


  1. This house will be a wonderful home for a God-beloved family! Still a lot to do, but it is the beginning of a splendid new time in the life of the whole family!


    Funny and very sweet cards! Whowww!!!!!

  2. It's so exciting to see a house take form and shape and the imagination for the interior is sharp. Love your Aces!

  3. Thank you for the house tour! You were clear in explaining directions and where things were, so it was easy to understand the lay out. I LOVE houses of all sorts, and really enjoy watching them being built, so this will be so much fun to watch! And it will be very fun to see you move into your new place. That will be good for all of you, and how fun for the kids to have you next door! That's precious. Stay warm up there!

  4. Exciting! I love your ATC's, too!


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