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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

December doings...

I'm enjoying reading everyone's Christmas and seasonal thoughts!

Today promised to be very busy, but some executive decisions were made to skip some "usual" things, such as AWANA. Micah is ready to give birth any time, and Adam and I had our work cut out for us to convince her to opt out of being in charge of the nursery for AWANA tonight. She can barely walk, much less chase a bunch of babies around! They also have her scheduled for the 19th! Good luck with that, folks!

Micah had her first "at home" visit with the midwife and doula. This was partly to figure out the logistics of a water birth here at home. Micah had hoped to have the baby in the new house, but, of course, construction timelines don't always cooperate. SO, it will be here in the mobile home, most likely. She seems to be okay with that at this point. She and Adam headed to Bemidji right after that appointment so she can get another chiropractic treatment. They took the kids with them, so I've got the afternoon and evening off, unless they can't get back in time to pick Audrey up at school, in which case I'll do that. Lots of schedule juggling going on!

With everyone talking about The Wind in the Willows I decided to get a Kindle copy (FREE!) to read until I can unearth my paper copy after I move. I've also watched The Man Who Invented Christmas a couple of times and I decided I would like to read the original version of A Christmas Carol. I found that for Kindle, also. (99 cents!) So, I look forward to two more good books. I'm not sure I've ever read A Christmas Carol! I always watch the really old, black and white version of the movie, made back in the '30's or '40's, so I'll see just how close it is to the original. :)

As for the house construction, the electricians are coming tomorrow and finishing up some work before the inspection can be done (all that will take about 5 days) and the kids can move in. They've also got the cabinets and flooring which Adam will be working on for the next few days. A move and a birth; two big events happening at the same time! At least they aren't moving very far! :)

I'll run home now. I'm still at Micah's taking advantage of the silence to post this. (They left about an hour and a half ago.) My car has been running and warming up for far too long, lol.

God bless us, every one!


  1. God bless you all and the birth of this baby and the move too! Many many blessings and God's protection!!!

  2. What an adventurous post! O the baby will be expected on Dec. 19th? BEST WHISHES!

    You are such a wonderful Grandma, a light for all your dears. Enjoy the quiet moments and love the wild moments! :)

    Many greetings and blessings to you and to your family from Dori from the Bavarian forest

  3. Prayers for sweet Micah.
    You're a lovely helpful mama and gran.
    YAY for TWITW reading! I love it so much!

  4. I don't know where our copy of Wind in the Willows has disappeared to so for .50 I got a new one at the thrift store. It's in brand new condition but isn't the one with lovely illustrations.
    Brave Micah! I pray all goes well. It's so great that you're right close by to help.

  5. Ah yes - I remember living in Iowa and warming up our cars well before we went anywhere in them :) Sounds like another sweet grandbaby is on the way any minute! May all go very well. I'm so excited about your move, and every time I come here to see your world, I wonder when you will be able to move and be cozy in your own home again, and so close to beloved family.

  6. Dear Lord, uphold this whole beloved-of-You family and especially the mama and baby soon to emerge. Bless them all!

    Lisa, I am excited about your reading!! Looking forward to any impressions or joys that you might share from those books...


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