Monday, August 12, 2019

A cold and rainy day...

Not complainin'! I'm actually wearing a flannel shirt, which may be an over reaction.  I sure don't mind some cool weather and we really needed some rain.

The weather is my excuse for doing a lot of reading and movie watching. I finished reading The Highlander's Last Song (originally entitled What's Mine's Mine) by George MacDonald. I just wrote down the list of other titles (romances) he wrote and then had to translate all of the modern titles into his original titles so I can find them in my Kindle collection of his stories. A nice long list of stories to read in the future. But right now...

I'm re-reading MK's novel called Three Against the Dark. This is in preparation to read the sequel Ten Days at Federal Hill, which I believe she's still working on. Let me know when it's ready, MK!

Earlier today I was watching "Anne With an E" on Netflix. I would agree with others that it's a darker version of her life, but still good in my opinion. She seems to suffer from PTSD and ADHD, but everyone has a history, right? I still don't get the whole "everybody hates redheads" thing. (Being a redhead myself. I was never persecuted for it!)

So, I'm wrapping up a lazy day with a meal of steamed broccoli and corned beef hash. I thought maybe the broccoli would balance out all the salt and fat in the hash, lol. One of my favorite rainy day, comfort foods. :)

I'd better eat my supper before it gets cold(er)! Thanks for dropping by!
Shalom to all!


  1. Cool weather sounds SO lovely right now! I wish we had some down here :) Thank you, Lisa, so much for rereading my book, and for recommending it to others on your blog. I'm plowing through the end of the sequel, and now I have the seeds of ideas for the 3rd -- it will be a trilogy.

    Enjoy your yummy meal. Comfort food is nice.

  2. I don't expect colder/cooler weather to really hit us for another month, though it has been in the 80s instead of 90s so that is something! :) God bless you!


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