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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Close-up for Sketchbook Challenge

"Close-up" is the February theme for Sketchbook Challenge and I thought this would be a good subject to paint. I haven't done a horse for quite some time and this was copied from a quirky, off-center photo I had seen in someone's Facebook photo album.Off to add it to my Flikr photostream. :)


  1. Hello, white horse!
    Have your read Elizabeth Goudge's The Little White Horse? You'd like!
    We need to be friends on Flikr, too!

    1. I added you as a "contact". That seems to be their equivalent of "friend". My name is plumhill2001 on Flickr. :)

  2. No, I haven't read "The Little White Horse". Heard of it. I love her books! I'll try to figure out how to be friends on Flickr! :D

  3. nice horse sketch! this month's theme at sketchbook challenge has been fun!


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