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Friday, February 10, 2012

Diving into the challenge...

This is actually step 2 of diving into the Rookie Painter Challenge #34. I drew the pencil sketch yesterday and worked up my courage to begin the painting tonight. This is the first time I've tried a "serious" painting. There's a pretty good chance I'll make a complete mess of it, but it's an exciting step into the unknown! Since I've had no painting instruction, I can't hope to compete with some of the professional artists who are doing this challenge, but since competition isn't the idea, I am unafraid, mwa-ha-ha!!

I make my maiden painting voyage. My main challenge here is mixing a color that is somewhat close to the periwinkle blue in the model photo. Hmmm... Close enough!
Do you like my little painting setup? Everything I need. Very...compact!

I've done the grey background, the tablecloth and the apple. I think I'll stop there for tonight. I'm determined to take my time and enjoy each step instead of rushing to get finished. I've enjoyed it thus far, but I do have to get back to reading "Shirley" by Charlotte Bronte. It's just getting to all the romantic stuff toward the end, hee, hee!

One of my favorite old china plates is standing in as my paint palette. It works! I feel so "artisty" mixing paints! :D

I love this little tin for my brushes! And there's my Pom Pom folder where I treasure all of her little art pieces. I was just looking through it yesterday and it warms the cockles of my heart!

Well, time for a little English literature break. Hubby is watching a basketball game at the high school, so I'll take advantage of the solitude. Au revoir and shalom, of course!


  1. I'm fascinated with your painting, Lisa! The colors are so new.
    You've convinced me. No grading papers today. I'm going to doodle.


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