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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rookie Painter Challenge

I love these challenge blogs! The latest one I came across is called Rookie Painter, but you can also use pen and ink and just about any medium. The only limit is that your picture can't be produced digitally. You have to use your real hands and real art supplies. What a concept!

Every three weeks a new set of photos is put up on the site and you create a painting, email it in and it will be posted on the site. Sounds like fun to me!

Here is an example of the latest challenge. First, the photo to use as a model:
I love how different these paintings are. I think it's fun just to scroll down the page and see how many different perspectives people have about the same subject. All levels of expertise are welcome!

And this is my very poor offering... I did this at the last minute and didn't give myself enough time to even enjoy doing it! It was sort of like diving in at the deep end. Now I feel committed to do this! :D

Happy creating!


  1. Hmmmmmmmm....I wonder if I could do this challenge without flipping out? I don't do art well under pressure. I'll consider it.

  2. Ya know, I don't really see it as "pressureful" (if that's a word,lol!). If I don't get around to it that's fine; if I come up with something I'll send it in. It looks like some of these folks are professional grade artists, but we all have to start somewhere. :) So what if they say,"Poor thing! She can't draw at all." I won't be able to hear them! Hee, hee!


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